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Rape of Liberty [Darleen Click]

For two years, Democrats have had their way with America. The living nightmare is over now:
The House on Wednesday evening passed a motion to adjourn the 111th Congress “Sine Die”, bringing to a close Democrats four-year reign in the lower chamber. . .

Democrats touted the busy lame duck as a fitting end to what they are touting as one of the most productive Congresses in recent history.
Productive? Is their product like the product of a rape-related pregnancy?

Let's give it up for adoption.

Try to forget about the Democrats' abuse for a while... go download some free Christmas music.

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  1. Good bye and good riddence to perhaps the worse and most destructive congress since 1859-1861. Productive? Their destruction will be felt for decades, for many of us, the rest of lives. You want to see where they want to take the whole country in the same direction as the state of California which I've written off as good as gone in this union.


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