Denis Leary in Demolition Man takes on the NOW/Hooters Mentality

by the Left Coast Rebel

This is an example of just how strange my brain works. Earlier today I blogged that NOW is going after Hooters here in the Once Golden State because, well, people are having too much fun at Hooters and minors are served. Oh my God!

Anyway, this is just how strange my brain works. Just moments ago a scene from 1993's Demolition Man with Wesley Snipes, Sylvester Stallone and a (very young) Sandra Bullock popped into my head as my morning coffee slowly wormed it's way through my vast lobal regions.

Mind you, I haven't seen the movie in at least 15 years.

The scene that came to mind was a speech given by the science fiction resistance fighter in the movie played by Denis Leary (yes, the comedian) wherein he states his ethos. It's basically a cruder version of the Gadsen flag motto, involving the freedom to choose, smoke, eat....and generally be left alone by do-gooders, nanny-staters or freedom-haters of all stripes (left and sometimes right, too):

I loved this clip even as a teenager with a far less honed political sense. Just another indication that I was leaning (heavily) libertarian, all the way back then.

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  1. Today I read a slanted AP story about efforts to restore choice in the purchase of light bulbs. A federal law is slated to soon take effect that would outlaw most incandescent bulbs on the basis of their energy consumption. An effort is now underway to repeal that law as an intrusion into personal freedom and the AP printed a story that was pretty blatant in its ridicule of that effort.

    It made me think of this movie scene and I wrote the following e-mail to the AP.

    Dear Ms Cappiello:

    Regarding your story (about efforts to RESTORE choice in the purchase of lighting) below.

    You did a terrible job of concealing your own opinions and biases when it came to writing the story below.

    As a news consumer, I much prefer bare hard news to being fed opinionated propaganda in a blatantly slanted story.

    It might surprise you to know that I AGREE WITH YOU that the new fluorescent bulbs are more efficient and will end up saving both money and energy. just don't "get it' you?

    We don't live in a totalitarian fascist or communist state...and I would prefer that we continue NOT to do so.

    Shouldn't the decision on this issue..on whether or not to use old fashioned incandescent bulbs or fluorescent with the individual and the free marketplace ..and NOT "Big Brother"???

    I, for one, am sick and tired of having our individual freedoms and RIGHT TO CHOOSE for ourselves chipped away..piece by piece... by well meaning but overbearing government.

    I'm reminded of the following scene from the movie "Demolition Man".

    The next time you and your editor are tempted to editorialize in such a blatant and obvious manner in a news story..please resist the temptation.

    When you don't, you aren't fooling anyone and you insult our intelligence; and you merely decrease respect and trust for a profession (journalism) that has already lost much of the respect that it once deserved..and no longer does.

    Link to AP story:


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