Dear Santa, Can I Please Have some Food Stamps and an End to Obamunism?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Let's be honest, times stink (still). And the lion's share of responsibility lies at the feet of the far-left statists in Congress and the Obamanation, the havoc that they have wreaked upon our nation. People that have taken advantage of the panic in our economy two years back have essentially given us the malaise and stagnation that we face today.

Businesses large simply are not putting capital on the table and taking the necessary risks that drive our economic growth. Subsequently they are not hiring as well amid the Great Depression-esque "crisis of confidence" that we face today.

The nation's impostor leadership is so stupid and ideological that they just don't get it. Scratch that - many of them do get it and it fits into a Cloward and Piven "stress the system until it fails" strategy to bring our country to it's knees to usher in socialism (as evidenced by the trillions in debt spending that the lame duck congress is pushing as well).

USA Today has an article today that points to the widespread malaise, anecdotally pointed to by what children are asking Santa for (but without connecting the dots to socialist-progressive government).

"Operation Santa" paints a very bleak picture of this Christmas season:

Santa Claus and his elves are seeing more heartbreaking letters this year as children cite their parents' economic troubles in their wish lists.

U.S. Postal Service workers who handle letters addressed to Santa at the North Pole say more letters ask for basics — coats, socks and shoes — rather than Barbie dolls, video games and computers.

At New York City's main post office, Head Elf Pete Fontana and 22 staff elves will sort 2 million letters in Operation Santa, which connects needy children with "Secret Santas" who answer their wishes.

Fontana, a customer relations coordinator for the Postal Service, has been head elf for 15 years.

"The need is greater this year than I've ever seen it," he says. "One little girl didn't want anything for herself. She wanted a winter coat for her mother."

How's that for Hope and Change, two years in?

Graphic via. Tom Naughton, discussion at Memeorandum.

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