(VIDEO) Dayton, Ohio: Unidentified Woman Helps Dayton PD's Jonathan Seitler

by the Left Coast Rebel

Amazing! As was the case with the previous post that showed the bravery of Panama City school board members in face of a crazed gunman, this unidentified Dayton woman went above-and-beyond her civic duty:

ABC 7:

An Ohio police officer got a helping hand from a surprising place when he was attacked during a traffic stop.

Dayton Officer Jonathan Seitler had just pulled over a car because it was missing a headlight. That's when the driver started swinging.

During the five minute struggle, the suspect can be seen trying to grab the officer's gun and Taser.

A woman, who was passing by, jumped into action. She hit the suspect on the back of the head, giving the officer an opportunity to regain control.

"This young lady did come to his assistance. I think it's very commendable. Although, don't get me wrong, I'm not endorsing that citizens participate in this manner. But under this particular circumstance, it was very commendable of her," said Sgt. Larry Tolpin of the Dayton Police Department.

The suspect was arrested. Police have not identified the woman who helped the officer.

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