Census Numbers In: Population 308 Million, Red States to Gain Seats in House

By T. CHRISTOPHER, Republican Redefined

Want to hear some good news? Red States are set to gain a few seats in the House of Representatives and will have more weight in the Electoral College in 2012? Want to hear some bad news? Talk to a Democrat.

NY TIMES: The Census Bureau rearranged the country’s political map on Tuesday, giving more Congressional seats to the South and the West, and taking away from the Northeast and the Midwest, in largely anticipated changes that will have far reaching implications for political life cycles over the next decade.

Bureau officials declared that the United States population had grown to 308,745,538 over the last decade, an increase of about 9.7 percent, close to what the bureau had estimated but the slowest rate of growth since 1940. It was the first result from the 2010 census conducted this year, a finding that will be used to reapportion seats in Congress, based on new state population counts, and, in turn, the Electoral College.

By that new count, Texas will gain four seats, Florida will gain two, while New York and Ohio each lose two. Fourteen other states gained or lost one seat. The gainers included Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina and Utah, and the losers included Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

Now don’t get me wrong. Just because the numbers look favorable for Republicans doesn’t mean that a host of new GOP representatives will be headed to Washington. Reapportionment, redistricting, gerrymandering, whatever you want to call it, will determine the fate of the states’ gaining new seats Congressional and electoral future, but it is always a good day when it includes news that New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Massachusetts are losing seats in the Junior Chamber.

Can you hear that sound? Did someone say “amnesty for illegals” to help balance out the new population figures? You betcha. Census data is clearly painting a picture of the states actually impacted by an immigration boom from the South. I wonder if folks in New York or Massachusetts will suddenly understand the plight? Oh wait, they’ll just see this as all the more motive to quadruple the growth rate of populations in the South and Southwest before the next census by making illegals legal – aka new Democrat constituents.

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