California Decline Watch: CARB Forcing San Diego Blood Bank Fleet off the Road, or Reason #12,345 that Statism Kills


by the Left Coast Rebel

California is a terminally screwed-up socialist state but lawmakers forcing bloodmobiles off the road due to byzantine new environmental laws?

Is the story just a Christmas hoax?

The story is true according to the president of the San Diego Blood Bank, via. a December 21 San Diego Blood Bank press release:

The State of California recently adopted stricter anti-pollution regulations which obligate the blood bank to progressively decommission seven out of eight of its existing bloodmobiles. As a consequence, we need an extra $1 million for our bloodmobile fleet. So I am asking you to make a generous contribution so that we can start acquiring replacement bloodmobiles critical to our life-sustaining mission in the community.


The San Diego Blood Bank supplies most of the blood products given to patients in our region. Our products are thoroughly tested, properly matched to patients’ needs, and delivered to the right place at the right time, every day of the year. We carry out our mission so reliably that from the point of view of doctors and patients, blood is routinely “just there” when they need it, like water out of the tap.

Bloodmobiles are vital links in the chain underpinning the dependable availability of blood. Without bloodmobiles, the San Diego Blood Bank could not collect enough blood units to meet our community’s needs. Although we operate several fixed-site donor centers, mobile collections account for half the blood donated. Without our fleet, few of our 1,800 yearly mobile blood drives -- averaging 35 per week -- could take place. But unless we can raise the funds to start replacing our bloodmobiles now, the fleet will inevitably shrink, until we can no longer reach the donors who give half the blood we collect.

The San Diego Blood Bank has been a frugal steward of its mobile collection units. In fact, we still have a vehicle purchased in 1982! Based on this experience, we initially estimated it would cost $850,000 to refurbish or replace aging bloodmobiles over the next several years.

Today a new bloodmobile represents an investment of $250,000 when fully equipped and compliant with government standards. The price is likely to increase before we have replaced all the mobile units.

The $1-million additional cost of complying with new regulations and sustaining the bloodmobile fleet will stretch us financially. But it’s doable with your help, and it must be done! Furthermore, besides bringing the blood bank into compliance with state rules, the new bloodmobiles will be more efficient and easier to operate and maintain, reducing our collection costs significantly.


And thank you again for being our partner in securing the supply of blood and blood products for our community.

Most sincerely,

R. Elaine Hanson, M.D.

President, Board of Directors

San Diego Blood Bank

I can't confirm but assume that the "stricter anti-pollution regulations" referred to by the President of the San Diego Blood Bank are due to unfunded mandates from AB-32, California's draconian global warming/cap and trade legislation that was signed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2006 and takes effect January 1, 2011 amidst a 20+ unemployment rate in the state.

The progressives in California have clearly shown their hand here. How about a simple bullet point list describing the crackdown on bloodmobiles:
  • No bloodmobiles on the road = no blood donations.
  • No blood donations = more people dying in the People's Republic of California.
  • More people dying in PRC = decreased "carbon footprint" = progressive post-coital-esque nirvana.

Remember, folks, all at the same time, along with me - No bloodmobiles = no blood donations = people dying = less "carbon footprint" = happy "enlightened" progressives.

I reiterate my closing thoughts from my Pajamas Media piece on California - government has ruined this place and I will never forget it.

Updated: The "stricter anti-pollution regulations" referred to hail from CARB but still may be part of AB-32 (what does it tell you that I can't even figure it out)?

Regardless, the San Diego Union Tribune goes to bat for the moonbats in Sacramento and tows the government line, going to a (surprise!) Sacramento bureaucrat at CARB to "get to the bottom of this controversy":


Yet a spokeswoman for the California Air Resources Board said the agency took steps Dec. 17 to ease diesel-emission regulations set to take effect in 2012 that would have proven costly for fleets such as that of the blood bank's.

By the state's estimate, the blood bank would need to spend about $100,000 for to its fleet to comply with state regulations through 2021.

"They have to do retrofits only on part of their fleet," said California Air Resources Board spokeswoman Gennet Paauwe.

The state eased the regulations, she said, because users of diesel-powered fleets aren't driving their vehicles as often as a result of the bad economy and because less use suggests a lesser ability to pay for the pending regulation changes.


For those unaware red-staters in the audience, this is typically what the "mainstream press" in California does when a socialist infringement is exposed by someone in this state - they immediately go to the state agency involved for the "final definitive word" on the issue.

It goes something like this:

Bleeding Business owner/entrepreneur - "Taxes and unfunded regulations in California are killing my business, I may have to leave for Arizona, Texas or Nevada where businesses are treated more fairly."

Fill-in-the-blank "news" paper: "According to (fill in the blank) agency, California is competitive with neighboring states and is still the 8th largest economy in the world and leading in many sectors...."

CARB has close to a billion dollar operating budget and operates under the auspices of the California Environmental Protection Agency.

Updated x2: Here's the California Environmental Protection Agency/CARB press release that sparked the San Diego Blood Bank President's letter:

SACRAMENTO - The California Air Resources Board today took further steps to fight air pollution and protect public health by offering businesses a variety of options to comply with regulations to reduce soot from diesel engines.

“No other state, and no other nation has such an extensive set of rules to slash pollution from diesel engines. The diesel rules for vehicles cover almost everything that moves on or off the road, from trucks and buses to off-road construction equipment, and over the next 12 years they will prevent 3,900 premature deaths by removing thousands of tons of diesel soot from the air we breathe,” said ARB Chairman Mary D. Nichols. “The changes we set in place today will continue those public health benefits while reducing the cost of compliance by more than 60 percent.”

The amendments complement earlier emission control measures that aggressively target diesel pollution, which is associated with a host of health ailments including cancer. With the amended regulations in place, diesel particulate matter emissions will be reduced from today’s levels by 50 percent by 2014 and 70 percent by 2020.

Over the past year, ARB staff held 20 public workshops throughout the state to solicit stakeholder input and discuss options for revising diesel control measures affecting commercially owned trucks, buses, port trucks, tractor trailers and off-road vehicles, including construction and large-spark ignition equipment (e.g, forklifts).

Statewide On-Road Truck and Bus Regulation:
Approved in December 2008, this regulation will clean up emissions from the nearly one million heavy duty diesel trucks that operate in California. The approved amendments ensure that the regulation will continue to do its job, helping the state meet its federal obligations under the Clean Air Act while also allowing businesses more flexible compliance options. Key amendments will:

  • Reduce overall compliance costs by about 60 percent as California recovers from the recession;
  • Exempt about 150,000 lighter trucks from having to retrofit withl particulate filters;
  • Delay initial compliance date for the retrofitting of heavier trucks and allow them to operate another 8 years before being required to use a truck that meets 2010 emissions standards; and,
  • Expand credits for fleet downsizing, adding cleaner vehicles ahead of any regulatory requirements, and for installation of early retrofits.

In addition, the Board voted to require all school buses greater than 14,000 lbs. GVWR to be retrofit with diesel filters by 2014. If no retrofit is available, the buses have until 2018 to be replaced by vehicles with a 2010 model year engine or emissions equivalent.

For more details on the Statewide Truck and Bus Regulation, please see:

I can see Zimbabwe from my house....

Updated: Leslie Eastman from Temple of Mut chimes in (she has the credentials and then some):
The CARB rules hail from their draconian Diesel Fuel Particulate standards, which were promulgated based on the approval of a man with a fraudulent PhD. It is not related to Global Warming, but is indicative of how it will apply the AB32 regulations.


  1. This affects trucks and busses for now. How long until private diesel vehicles are affected as well? If biodiesel were allowed to become more prevalent, this would be so much less of an issue.

    Biodiesel was the main reason I purchased my VW Golf TDI a few years back. However, the lack of readily available locations to purchase biodiesel (I know of only one in San Diego) made biodiesel use impractical.

  2. LCR: The CARB Rules hail from their draconian Diesel Fuel Particulate standards, which were promulgated based on the approval of a man with a fraudulent PhD. It is not related to Global Warming, but is indicative of how it will apply the AB32 regulations.

  3. A Blessed Christmas to you and your wife Tim.


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