At 11.7% unemployment, LA bans new fast food jobs aka businesses…again

by Sam Foster

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So Los Angeles unemployed get a special treat this holiday season. A nice little ban on new fast food jobs and all for the most dire cause of healthier food choices.

This seems like déjà-vous to me. I can remember reading about this back in 2008, although I’m not sure what happened. I assume the moratorium on fast food restaurants expired thus giving LA the ridiculous opportunity to do it all over again, but this time while the city is going through massive unemployment to the tune of 11.7%. However, we’ll come back to this.

Regardless, CRAZY-IN-CA’s 2010 model marches on with a fresh ban, complete with all the stock liberal features we’ve come to know and expect. Like everyone’s favorite unknown bureaucrat citing government’s good intentions while professing not to be micromanaging what people are eating while simultaneously lauding how they are micromanaging what people are eating:

"This is not an attempt to control people as to what they can put into their mouths. This is an attempt to diversify their food options," said councilmember Jan Perry.

Where liberal policies abound, massive economic failure is not far behind. As previously reported, BLS places LA’s unemployment rate at 11.7% at the end of October. However, here are some more fun facts according to LA publications. To give you an idea of the job market, here is the LA Times:

In California, the construction industry has lost 323,100 jobs since the beginning of the recession; manufacturing has lost 209,700.
Wouldn’t it be nice for some jobs for low-skill labor in LA? Apparently, LA’s unemployed think so, later in the article, there is a report that focuses on an unemployed convict looking for work in…wait for it…a restaurant:
He knows he's competing against thousands of other men as he applies for low-end jobs in restaurants and factories, even though the South Los Angeles resident would love to return to driving a truck, which he did before he went to prison.
A whopping 20% of LA’s black community has not worked in the past year, proving once again, the wonders of liberal policies for the African American community.

Los Angeles is living proof that California is committed to banning by legislation, what they haven’t already destroyed with liberal economics.


  1. The food police wants housing neighborhoods or grocery stores on the land where a stand-alone fast food store might go, when both could obviously make a bid for the land if they wanted too. They apparently don't want to.

    I was in LA recently and a young woman announced that California had approved the "train" from the Hollywood area to the beach. I asked how the state planned to pay for it, and she didn't know, but she did know the state was dead broke. I was encouraged that she understood that much.

  2. Don't worry. Jerry Brown will fix everything!
    A train from Hollywood to the beach? What is it like 10 miles?

  3. That's it! I'm ordering a Big Mac while it's still legal because who knows what moonbean Brown will do.


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