Breaking: Dems Got Run Over by The Omnibus

By RightKlik

The Dems' $1.1 trillion omnibus pork bill is dead...

This from Jim DeMint:
Harry Reid finally admitted he didn't have the votes to pass the pork-filled omnibus. Too embarrassed to read their own bill, Democrats agreed to a short-term [continuing resolution], funding government at current levels without earmarks.
Uberconservative Jim DeMint deserves a lot of credit for this.

Stay tuned for updates....

Updated per LCR: Fox News reports:

A visibly frustrated and angry Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, lashed out, saying that he had nine GOP senators supporting the measure, but that suddenly the support evaporated.

"This action taken by my friends on other side of aisle going to cause people to lose their job," Reid predicted.

"There's only one reason why cloture is not being filed...He doesn't have the votes.," McConnell chided, as he referred to the term for the process to shut down a filibuster. "And the reason he doesn't have the votes is because members on this side of the aisle increasingly felt concerned about the way we do business."

A McConnell aide said the leader "worked the phones" for days, pressing his members to quash the bill which contains $8 billion in earmarks (1% of the overall bill), several that belonged to the leader, himself, before he agreed to a pork moratorium.

Elections have consequences. Also, we won.

Updated again per LCR: Video of the fate of the Omnibus (I couldn't find a bus crash scene that didn't involve people dying so a video game had to do):

Update III: Unfortunately, this is entirely believable:
Reid says nine Republican senators approached him today to tell him that while they would like to see the bill passed, they could not vote for it. He did not reveal the names of the nine. A top Senate source tells National Review Online that “it looks like Harry Reid buckled under the threat of Republicans reading [the bill] aloud.”
[emphasis added]

There's still a bunch of GOP porcophiles in the Senate. Via Cubachi, here's a list of some Republicans who wanted to use Omnibus earmarks to buy votes with your tax dollars (along with the number of earmarks that they each placed in this spending bill):

Cochran (R-MS) 230
Wicker (R-MS) 199
Grassley (R-IA) 86
Bond (R-MO) 78
Bennett (R-UT) 76 (Defeated by Tea Party in 2010)
Voinovich (R-OH) 68 (Retiring)
Hutchison (R-TX) 63
Collins (R-ME) 57
Murkowski (R-AK) 55 (Queen of the RINO Turncoats)
Vitter (R-LA) 48
Cornyn (R-TX) 45 (RINO lover)
Chambliss (R-GA) 42
Crapo (R-ID) 41
Risch (R-ID) 41
Brownback (R-KS) 39
Burr (R-NC) 38
McConnell (R-KY) 35 (On very thin ice. Be careful, buddy.)
Roberts (R-KS) 35
Shelby (R-AL) 32
Inhofe (R-OK) 32
Alexander (R-TN) 30 (Watch out for the Tea Party, dude.)
Lugar (R-IN) 29
Graham (R-SC) 27
Thune (R-SD) 26
Isakson (R-GA) 24
Sessions (R-AL) 21
Bunning (R-KY) 21
Ensign (R-NV) 20
Gregg (R-NH) 13 (retiring)

Any guess as to which Republicans were among Dingy Harry's nefarious nine? Hold all of these porkers' feet to the fire and get ready for the 2012 primaries!

And lets give credit where credit is due: These are the earmark-free Republicans.

Johanns (R-NE) 0
LeMieux (R-FL) 0
Hatch (R-UT) 0 (Frightened by Tea Party)
McCain (R-AZ) 0
Kyl (R-AZ) 0
DeMint (R-SC) 0
Kirk (R-IL) 0 (He's on a short leash)
Coburn (R-OK) 0

Update IV: Nice Deb cautions against excessive jubilation over the death of OmniPork...

I hope some deal wasn’t struck with Republicans. I’m sorry I have a suspicious mind, but I do…

Update V: Tea Party power!
Republicans - caught with their hands in the cookie jar — deserted the measure in an effort to square themselves with tea party activists and conservatives in the party.


  1. Question - who loses their job when a bill such as this trillion dollar Pork Omnibus fails? I'm not sure I'm following Harry's line of thinking here but then again, I never did!

  2. Three Republicans publicly came out in favor of the bill, which would have given Dingy Harry all the votes he needed. So the fact is that he could not get members of his own party to vote for this.

    Republicans didn't defeat the bill, the Democrats failed to pass it.

  3. I would suggest that the "TEA Party" deserves credit for this... They are looking at their future!
    DeanO, typical Demo-spin! Similar to Obama accusing the Republicans of "hi-jacking"...


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