Bras Stolen from Northbrook, Illinois Victoria's Secret

by the Left Coast Rebel

Apparently there's money in crime and stealing bras:

Someone stole 153 bras from a Victoria's Secret store in suburban Chicago the Monday before Christmas.

The Chicago Tribune reports that a Northbrook police report shows the bras were taken over a three-hour period on Dec. 20 from the store in the Northbrook Court mall. The undergarments were valued at $9,675 or about $63 apiece.

Northbrook Police Department spokesman Michael Shep says authorities don't have any suspects. He says police don't know how the thief took so many items without being seen, but he says it could have been from a display in front of the store.

Victoria's Secret corporate office says in a statement that the retailer is "aggressively" working with police.

If this infraction goes to trial, I wonder what the motive will be determined to be?

Since we are on the topic of bras and such, did anyone hear that Hugh Hefner got engaged to Playboy Playmate Crystal Harris?

And Hugh Hefner dumped these two twins (Karissa and Kristina Shannon) for Crystal Harris (no, seriously):


  1. What are times coming to when bras are no longer Sacred? As for the engagement, no surprise as it's truely for love right? The fact these women swoon over this pervert shows that women here have no value except cash value.

  2. Not getting how a bra can be worth $63 or more unless it's made out of precious metals or gems or somebody's dumb enough to pay more for the same thing to have the "prestige" brand label.


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