Barack Obama Stands in the Shadow of a Real President

By Proof

A somewhat longer version of the video from the story below:

Obama would have done well to go to that party early. Standing there looking like a Stepford wife, or a little kid waiting patiently for a cookie, Bill, once he was behind the podium, virtually ignored him and kept 100% of his focus on his audience.

One of the men looked presidential and the other looked like he was in a wax museum.

Watch the video. Isn't he lifelike?

As far as the substance of Clinton's speech? He touts manufacturing of batteries, which is dependent on rare earths from the Chinese and he touted two manufacturing efforts owned by the Chinese that, in his opinion, helped get Harry Reid re-elected.

Bill has always been the best friend to the Chinese that money could buy!

Update: Just because this makes liberals' head 'splode!

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  1. The most intriguing piece just came out that says that "Democrats should be backing Clinton (of the Bill variety) if they want the presidency in 2012. It is called "The Clinton-Obama Presidency" and suggests that Bill is now the de-facto President of the United States. A lot of consequences follow this original thought at

  2. Nice to see the Chinese have their lap dog back in control.

  3. Doesn't speak much for Obama's "legacy" if he needs Bill to pull his chestnuts out of the fire.

  4. Another funny thing is that Bill would go along with this... Or is it just his ego in control?

  5. John: Are you kidding? To be in the national limelight and relevant again? Clinton would kill for the opportunity.

    In a related story, Vince Foster is still dead.


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