Back to Basics Part III - The Economy

by KOOK, Allied Liberty News

I am tired. Tired of defending what we know to be true. Worn out explaining why this country is and has been a force for good and decency. Sick of justifying why capitalism is not an evil scheme cooked up by robber barons to subjugate the masses. Exhausted from proving that the people of this country are not by and large racist idiots. Weary of arguing points that should be so self evident if people would only use a shred of critical thinking skills. I have laid out why we are neither imperialists nor warmongers. Yesterday I shared why I believe we are the engine of innovation and technological advancement for this planet. Today I want to talk about economics and why the mere fact that we are a wealthy nation does not make us amoral; just like if an individual has great wealth it does not automatically mean they got that way by stealing and lying and cheating...although by looking at the many examples in Washingtion DC one might understand how it is difficult to be sure.

I have written previously as to why capitalism is good and so has by partner in crime Andrew33. I have shared with you the parable of the broken window, and why "time to give something back" pisses me off. Capitalism is not theft, money only spends once, wealth is created not distributed, and just because you have wealth does not mean you got it at the expense of others.

But today let's think about the United States, being the most wealthy nation ever to exist on this earth and how those riches makes us Exceptional.

The Story of Stuff would have us believe in the ridiculous notion that other countries in the world who are impoverished got that way because, well, basically we raped them.

That. Is. Patently. Absurd. It also asks us to believe that we waste so with our consumerism that we are basically villainous. Well let me ask a question. If we as a nation did as all the Eco greenies asked us to do and subjected ourselves to 19th century living conditions, what hope would the developing nations have of raising themselves out of poverty? What if we just turned it all off?

If we did not buy our wives and girlfriends diamonds, how would we be able to send millions in foreign aid to Africa? I know their corrupt Governments confiscate the money and food we send over there and that is yet one more reason to say no thanks to this offer of socialism and tyranny.

Why does china export so many of its products to us? Because it's people are not wealthy enough to buy all the things we can. China is starting a huge economical engine. Think about starting your car, the starter has to spin the engine a while before the engine starts and runs on its own. If china was not making products for other nations its people would still be living in huts & all riding bicycles as they did when I was a child.

Once China's people become wealthy enough they will buy their own products, and then someday their wages might get too high for their people to buy goods at a price they like and so some other less wealthy country will begin to get rich from china. That is the only way wealth is redistributed in a capitalist economy.

The Story of Stuff informs us that the U.S. has less than five percent of the world’s population what they do not go on to say is that with that population the united states produces 20% of the world’s total economic output. Let's look at it from a purely dollars and cents point of view. With three hundred and seven million people (give or take a few or ten million illegal invaders to this country) the United States , produces about 14 trillion in GDP (the value of all final goods and services produced within a nation in a given year) annually. China, with one and a half billion people, produces almost 8 trillion dollars of GDP. In other words, America produces twice the GDP of second place China, and we do it with less than 25% of their population.
But, the story of stuff is quick to point out why we are able to do that: because we steal all the wealth from the third world. That is absolutely preposterous, let's stay with some sembelence of reality here.

Ok so the GDP of the U.S.,is a little over 14 trillion dollars. Let’s take the GDP of a country about on the middle of the list– Bosnia, lets say – Bosnia ranks about 101 out of 184, not exactly the median but close enough…

Bosnia's GDP is a little more than 24 Billion dollars annually. The GDP of the United States is about 500 times that of Bosnia. If we were to send the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines into Bosnia, and steal everything they made that year – everything, we just took their whole GDP – well, that would account for New Years Day of the United States' GDP year. In other words, the United States makes in one day what Bosnia makes all year.

There has never been anything that creates wealth like the US economy. And there has never been an economy that works like ours in the world before No one can look at the numbers I just gave and not see it as the most remarkable and exceptional wealth creation machine in history. But it does seem at times that many people in this country including the current pResident see nothing exceptional in America. In fact, quite the opposite it seems he is doing his level best to remove what were the exceptional elements of the US economy – low taxes, low regulation and private initiative – and lead us straight out of this once-in-history economic miracle. Into what? I don’t know. No one knows what you call it Socialism, fascism, communism, whatever it is it is not free market capitalism.

But I can tell you this we are an exceptionally rich nation full of exceptionally rich people. Our most poverty stricken people have it better in this country than some of the pResidents family does in Africa. Africa the continent with diamonds just lying about, massive trees waiting to be cut and untold mineral and oil deposits and almost the whole continent lives in squalor. Curious to me. There must be some reason people come here illegally in droves. The American people give more in personal donations to the impoverished around the world than most nations give in foreign aid. As I have said before if we did not provide for the defense of most of Europe they could not afford to be socialists. So many people do not realize what this country creates as a by product of our immense prosperity and maybe that is the thing I find most Exceptional

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(Editor's Note: KOOK blogs at Allied Liberty News, we look forward to his schedule being freed up so that we can enjoy more articles like the "Back to Basics" series. Re-posted here with permission)

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