The Afternoon Beat at the Left Coast Rebel: Happy New Year!

by the Left Coast Rebel

It's 2011 in Sydney, Australia:

Ringing out the new year across teh blogs:

Constitution Girl: Thoughts on the New Year

Right Coast: Recapping 2010

Just a Man with his Thoughts: Pictures from CA

Beers with Demo: No place like home

Conservative Perspective: Happy New Year, let us not waste this one

BBCW: Wacky Libtard of 2010

Legal Insurrection: New Years Resolutions

Fisherville Mike: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Feed Your ADHD: Happy New Years, you basterds!

Full Metal Patriot: A Three Stooges Slap-Happy New Year

Caught Him with a Corndog: Happy New Year!

Temple of Mut: Happy New Year from the Shrine!


Liberator Today: Quick Hitters

Dad 29: Warning from Rome

Marathon Pundit: British Obamacare rationing

Maggie's Notebook: John Boehner and reading the Constitution in Congress

Maggie's Notebook: Obama Contrasts Palin


AP: Stocks mixed in last trading day of 2010

WC Varones: 60 Minutes on Muni Apocalypse

Get Rich Slowly: Best of GRS for 2010

US News: Five New Years Money Resolutions

Rule 5 (pretty girls):

Proof Positive: Naomi Campbell

Eye of Polyphemus: Karen Gillan and Jenn Sterger

CBC: PETA and the Lingerie League

Proof Positive: Vintage babe of the week: Yvonne Craig

Blog/Post of the Day:

Western Hero: 2010 End Notes


  1. And New Years Down Under was fun. I am in Melbourne not Sidney, but fun nonetheless. It is summer here so it is an outside event that you can take the family. I am going to have to do this again.

  2. I'm beyond jealous, JACG, you'll have to post lots of pictures!

  3. It's 2011 in Germany... must be 100000 rockets shooting all around! Guten Rutsch!

  4. Happy New Year LCR, and thank you so much for links.

  5. Happy New Year, Reb! And to all your readers as well.

  6. Happy New Year, LCR! Looking forward to teaming up with you in 2011 to get lots of good information out to lots of good people. :)

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