The Afternoon Beat at the Left Coast Rebel: Americans Dreaming of Hawaii Edition
Turquoise lagoon, Road to Hana, Maui, Hawaii

by the Left Coast Rebel

It seems that our Morning Beat series here around the Christmas/New Year season is getting published a bit later every day, today being no exception due to the weather here in So-Cal. It's not snowing but the rain has settled in once again! Let me see a raise of hands - who is dreaming of Hawaii today?

On days like this, we will roll our morning linkfest into an afternoon edition....

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Duo Blog/post of the day:


  1. My brother and sister are IN Hawaii. Lucky dogs!

  2. Lucky dogs, indeed! Have you been, RK?

  3. Road to Hana! Very nice. Brings back memories:

  4. yes, i had pics from the road to hana, but only in digital form, and computer got stolen a couple of months ago!

  5. Man, those are some awesome pictures, how long were you there? Did you do any scuba diving?

    Maui is one of my favorite destinations in the world....

  6. @LCR My wife and I were there for about a week. We went on a sub, but no scuba. Where do you like to stay in Maui?

    Oh... and I've been meaning to ask you. Are you still thinking about CPAC this year?

  7. Robot - No problemo!

    RK - We have been 3 times and have stayed on the Kaanapali beach area -,+Maui,+Hawaii&ll=20.934827,-156.679459&spn=0.169308,0.308647&t=h&z=12

    There's a ton of great deals to stay there in the down economy.

    To answer your other question - yes, I still want to go but it will depend on financing, how about you?

  8. I'm at about 80% on going to CPAC.

    Trying to decide whether to drive or be humiliated by TSA.


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