After having wreaked American automakers, UAW aims at ruining foreign companies as well

By Sam Foster

King told Automotive News that the pickets outside Toyota dealerships were not advancing the union's goal.

"We said we were going to be the UAW of the 21st century and didn't feel like that was accomplishing that goal," King told Automotive News.

King told the trade publication that the union would hold a news conference in January to launch its organizing drive.

He did not, in the interview, name the automakers that the union would target. The union had announced its intent to ask Asian and German automakers to allow organizing votes at their plants in August.

Toyota, Nissan, Honda Motor Co, Hyundai Motor, Daimler AG and BMW all run assembly plants in the United States.

None of those plants are unionized.

That was from Reuters. In case you wanted to read about socialism in action.

Apparently, foreign automakers operate in southern states where it is harder to unionize. However, I suspect that plants would be even more likely to move further south, like say Mexico, should the UAW succeed.


  1. American Libertarians are rooting for the Japanese and German capitalists against the American socialists. Audie Murphy spins in his grave.
    "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

  2. Seems that the UAW have sucked the sow dried from the American auto makers and now heading towards those owned by foreign companies. Those companies, unlike the Americans, aren't stupid nor fear the PC insanity. They know if that cancer known as the UAW infect their business, they will die just like their American Predecessors and last I checked, Japan and Germany don't have the cushion of their taxpayers to fall on.

  3. The southern and some midwestern states have taken advantage of the Taft-Hartley Act to opt out of the union shop rules of the NLRB Act, which is a massive assault on the rights of employers to hire, fire or negociate with whom they like.

  4. "None of those plants are unionized." and none of these companies received bailouts...


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