Adios, Governator, Conservatives Hardly Knew Thee

by the Left Coast Rebel

Alas poor Yorick limited government conservative, we hardly knew thee.

The last, Action-Hero-Governor of Kalee-Fore-Nia says farewell to the blown-up and bankrupt apocalyptic movie set of a state that he leaves behind:

Fittingly, the audio to the video sucks but we probably didn't want to hear what he had to say anyway. Or we wouldn't have understood what he was saying, anyway.


  1. This state didn't have the happy ending that comes with the action genre. In fact, we really didn't get much action either, especially after he found out how stupid and corrupt the vast number of Californians were when his ballot initiatives were soundly defeated. After that, I think he gave up.

  2. Wow Tim, you are in rare form today!

    Personally, I'm looking forward to a new terminator movie.

  3. Terminator 4, the death of California starring Jerry "moonbeam" Brown.

  4. He should stick to films where he has short lines...
    I'm sure the one that "Intelligent" Californians want to hear is "I wont be back..."


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