Will Earmarks Continue for the Foreseeable Future?

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

Does anyone really expect the Senate to pass the three year moratorium on earmarks? For that matter did anyone ever really believe the effort would muster enough support to clear the high hurdle set for passage by Harry Reid.? A question that also occurred to me is if earmarks are a practice that deserves to be banned for three years would it not stand to reason they ought to banned permanently? So much for cutting wasteful spending.

The fact is most legislators DO NOT WANT an earmark moratorium any more than they want permanent banning of the "bring home the bacon" rewards program designed to show their constituencies how much they did for them. It's one of the means they are able to employ to "put a feather in their cap" come reelection time.

Further, for those who hold out high hopes the incoming Republithug Congress will do any more than the current Demotheft Congress did to control spending, you are looking through the proverbial rose colored glasses. It is time this nation finally confronts the reality that things are what they are. People all across America, including businesses want their "special interest" valued and to be taken care of taken care of.

There is no way any Congress is going to rein in spending in a meaningful way anytime soon. This would require Congress slash the hugely bloated defense spending budget (the Republithugs ain't gonna let that happen), it also would require Congress slash overreaching social welfare spending and repeal ObamaCare (the Demothefts and more liberal Republithugs ain't gonna allow that), or, as the alternative it will require Congress increase taxes on everybody but the very poor at some point in time just to keep things afloat.

Given the Military Industrial Complex, the huge social welfare programs of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment compensation, and the bloated costs of the United States Government Bureaucracy, {items most people want and seem to expect} the issue of earmarks is but a tiny drop in the huge ocean of government spending. Earmarks account for less than 0.5% of the federal budget. While 0.5% of a projected 1.19 trillion 2010 budget might be significant to you and I, the reality is there are much bigger fish that need frying.

If Congress can't get their act together to pass a moratorium on wasteful earmark spending how is one to believe it will find the bipartisanship required to rein in spending and balanced our federal books?

You can find the article on the doubtful passage of the proposed Earmark Ban here.

As I see it we are in for another two years of more of the same. The election cycles keep bringing in change that looks, in the end, an awful lot like the cycle just before it. Call me a realist, or perhaps just disgusted.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving from the staff at Goomba News Network®, a Division of Nickie Goomba Ltd.

  2. If the Republicans don't then they will go the way of the Whig Party. Nice blog.

  3. Tend to agree with you. Congress won't reign in spending, but when we go the way of Greece and Ireland either our creditors will or our there will be hyperinflation and a serious regime change. That's the eventuality we should be prepared for.

  4. Nickie - Happy Thanksgiving to you and staff from The Left Cost Rebel and affiliated contributors.

  5. Chris - We can only hope. But given the parties history I for one ain't holding my breath!

  6. Shane - Or our creditors will call in their notes and this nation will collapse and become the serfs of the predatory nations that will own us.

    And it shall be by our own hands.

  7. Governed by our own national stupidity.


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