We Live In The Twenty First Century

Les Carpenter, Rational Nation USA

There is no greater, or more worthy pursuit than that which results in restraining government; thereby forcing it to remain within its rightful boundaries. Nor is there a greater honor than that which can be gained in the relentless pursuit of liberty and protecting the rights of each individual. It can also be said that endeavoring to arrive at solutions, such as wisdom would dictate, agreeable to the majority in a civilized society is worthy of respect and even admiration.


  1. The only purpose that government serves is to protect life and property. What we got now is a government that takes life, thanks to Obama Care, and property to give it others that don't earn it. Granted we give up some of our property in the form of taxes, but what we got today is the taking of property to redistrube to those that don't deserve it. As well as having the government do everything including balancing our own budgets with the modification, welfare, medicare, and the bailouts. Jefferson summed it up best: "The bogernment that governors best, governors the least.

  2. I believe the quote is... The government that governs least governs best. In essence I believe my statement supports this.

    If I may be so bold I humbly suggest you reread my post and consider it's deeper meaning.

    Thanks for your patriotism.

    Long Live the Republic.

  3. Is this a Rand quote, Les? Perfectly sums up the essence of what government should stand for.


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