(VIDEO) Cat Vs. Alligator

by the Left Coast Rebel

Some cats among us are apparently braver than their human superiors lessers:

Apparently this incident took place at a 'gator farm' in Louisiana. I had no idea that there was even such a thing as a gator farm. Did you?

And for the record, the kitty won, even though the alligator brought a sidekick-gator for a second round.

Reminds me of bullies back in the day, the cat is like the skinny grade school kid that finally kicks the bully's butt (and didn't need Congress and/or Hollyweird to back him up)!

Hat tip Fox Boston.

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  1. These folks are kind of stupid in my opinion. I'm from Florida and know what Alligators can do. The bite is very infectious. And they let theses kids get that close... Either one of those Gators could have chomped down on that kitty and lights out!


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