Veterans Day Deployment Announcement

By RightKlik

Navy reservist Chris Smith (a.k.a. Smitty, Robert Stacy McCain's blog sidekick) leaves for Afghanistan later this month. He leaves us with this admonition:
Thinking you stupid, they will continue to say that you ‘vote against your own interest’, and turn down their bread-and-circus substitutes for Liberty. Liberty ain’t cheap, and rejecting Progressivism may resemble pain for a while. That’s not pain. That’s Socialist weakness leaving the country, and don’t let these liars sell you otherwise. Stand and deliver, the way a Progressive cannot, for, at heart, modern Progressivism is a synonym for cowardice.
...and a request:
If I’ve done you any favors, I’d ask that you make this the single most linked post in this blog’s history.
Make it happen!

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  1. Using "blogger ammunition" (the only weapon we've got), Smitty is linked at Anti-Republican Culture.


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