Update on NY-25: Absentee voter registration favors Ann Marie Buerkle by large margin

By Sam Foster

Ann Marie Buerkle's campaign just released the registration details for the uncounted absentee ballots. A judge ordered the absentee ballot registration information be released to the two campaigns earlier today. According to Buerkle, the registration is heavily outnumbered by Republican voters.

We are confident that when the process is finished and all of the eligible ballots have been counted, I will have won the seat. Of the 8,462 returned ballots, registered Republicans returned 3,870 absentee ballots to 2,801 Democrats. The number of Republicans who returned absentee ballots exceeds Democrats in all four counties. In Onondaga County (Syracuse) nearly 500 more Republicans returned ballots than Democrats.

The number missing from Buerkle's press release is 1,791 ballots that are presumably independent voters. The walls surrounding Dan Maffei's path to reelection only seem to be getting higher. Ann Marie still holds a lead of nearly 700 votes or roughly 10% of the absentee ballots. If these numbers are accurate, Dan Maffei would need to win both the Democrat and Independent ballots just to match Buerkle's lead.

Karen at Lonely Conservative has much more, including how Ann Marie Buerkle picked up three votes and a hypothetical vote count on the absentee ballots should the votes break by the same percentages as the local polls.

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Randy Altschuler in NY-1 is also claiming a wide advantage in Republican absentee voter registration.

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