Tim Bishop plus margin of democrat voter fraud could equal victory over Randy Altschuler in close NY-1 race

By Sam Foster

Today, Tim Bishop and Randy Altschuler will take the NY-1 election into the court room so a judge can rule on nearly 2,000 challenged ballots. The current vote tally completed last Tuesday left Tim Bishop with a lead of 235 votes. But, it now appears as though the incumbent is very popular outside his district, perhaps more so than NY-1.

Fox News has uncovered several instances of voter fraud where Democrats felt the needs to vote in their own outside district like Manhattan and for embattled Democrat Tim Bishop a few districts away. (Hat Tip to Lonely Conservative)

A Fox News Voter Fraud Unit review of approximately 438 of the absentee ballot voters, who also maintain mailing addresses in New York City, reveals that 48 have double registrations. They voted by absentee ballot in Suffolk County, but are also listed as current "active" voters on the New York City rolls. Being registered in two separate jurisdictions is illegal and is a felony in New York State.

In addition, our investigation reveals that one absentee ballot was apparently submitted in the name of a Democratic voter enrolled in Suffolk County, while election records at the Board of Elections in New York City show that the same voter voted, on Election Day, in Manhattan.

"It certainly is illegal to vote twice," warns John Conklin, the spokesperson of the New York State Board of Elections, who said convictions can bring a one year jail sentence.

"If you voted twice, you committed a felony, and I think it would be very difficult to do that by accident. I think that would be something to be concerned about and that the district attorney is going to come knocking on their door."

The voter in question has an extensive voting record, having cast a ballot in New York City 33 times since 1984. Records show he not only voted in a Manhattan polling place during the general election this past November, but also in the Democratic primary in September. The voter has not returned our request for comment.

The overwhelming majority of the Long Island voters, who are also on the New York City voter rolls, appear to be wealthy Manhattanites who own second-homes in the posh resort towns of East Hampton, Southampton, Montauk, Amagansett and Shelter Island. Many of them voted in Manhattan as recently as last November in New York City's mayoral election, and in the presidential election of 2008.

Please keep in mind that Tim Bishop leads by only 235 votes and the story line from the media is that all of the ballots challenged were probably frivolous and all of these ballots will be overturned in court, thus securing Tim Bishops victory. This report clearly shows the high degree of voting irregularities padding Tim Bishop’s current lead. It might still be a long shot, but it certainly appears as though Altschuler’s challenges have a better chance of standing up in court.


  1. well... multiply this across the nation, and what would that make of the 2008 election? Many not so nice terms come to mind for these people! Democratic certainly isn't one of them...

  2. John - notice it's the limousine liberals who voted twice. I suppose they believe they are entitled to two votes.

  3. Then that's a new twist on "Entitlement" mentality...


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