This is not a scam; it’s an opportunity to beat RUSH LIMBAUGH!

By Sam Foster

If you regularly waste your time at this site, you might have noticed that the mileage on our hit counter is dangerously creeping up on our first million hits. While I relish the sweet, flavorful whiff of fresh air as LCR bounds over that oh so difficult hurdle of obtaining its millionth reader, I must also confess to a certain degree of anxiety as well. You see, Robert Stacy McCain set the bar pretty high at one year for achieving a million hits and while some have been successfull, LCR has already entered its twenties (that's months). To be more accurate, this blog will celebrate its second birthday sometime in early February and thus, LCR is facing a bit of a quarter-life-crisis.

The question that has me losing sleep is, "can LCR achieve a million hits before it turns two?" With a readership averaging a little more than 1,500 saps a day, a current hit count around 840,000, but only slightly more than 60 days to go, it's looking like crossing this coveted rite of passage will require a certain degree of creative blogging or creative accounting.

"Dude, I thought you said something about beating Rush Limbaugh?"

Great question and I'm glad my title managed to entice your readership. This blog carries with it a certain rare badge of honor having been mentioned on air (though not by name) by Rush Limbaugh and linked in his infamous "stack of stuff." It was one of LCR's earliest and biggest breaks, earning Rush and his formerly nicotine stained hands a place on our top referrals with 2,450 hits.

Now Rush Limbaugh has over 20 million listeners a day and there is no conservative voice in media higher than his. However, that doesn't mean that Rush hasn't left the door wide open for throngs of ambitious bloggers to obtain a coveted spot higher than Rush on LCR's referral list, all you have to do is have the guile to beat him.

It's certainly not an impossible feat. After all, five bloggers/conservative media figures have already received a higher standing; the infamous list includes Professor Glenn Reynolds aka Instapundit, Neal Boortz, Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit, Dan Riehl and Jill from Pundit & Pundette. Although, these bloggers ought to take heed lest Rush Limbaugh mistakenly link LCR a second time.

There are even a number of bloggers who are very close in achieving this seemingly Herculean Task. For example, the brilliant, formerly Speedo-wearing Robert Stacy McCain who is almost certain to exceed Rush's kill count given a) He only needs to send over about 850 of his most unsuspecting readers b) The possibility of an "I Beat Rush Limbaugh Title" is an opportunity too seductive to turn down.

Now, having laid before you the intoxicating prospects of both glamour and prestige that you, dear reader, may either choose to obtain or bitterly covet; I will suggest to you some potential strategies for successfully beating Rush Limbaugh.

  • You could tweet, and/or share this post on facebook, just make sure you conceal the true purpose of this post by telling your friends that it is a link to a coupon for free beer or something more interesting.
  • You could blow 5 hours of your free time clicking some errant link to LCR on your own blog over 2,400 times.
  • Or the preferred method would be linking LCR, linking links to LCR and linking the links for your links to LCR.

Any questions? Now go out there and beat Rush Limbaugh.


  1. I think that post qualifies as a Rule 1 entry.

  2. THANK YOU for posting this! I'm glad I found your blog!!

    common cents


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