The Third Biggest Benefit of Not Having John McCain in the White House...

by the Left Coast Rebel

... isn't that in McCain the nation would have had a statist-progressive "Republican" that would have further destroyed the Republican party's limited government platform or that his daughter would have been given an even bigger bullhorn (oh boy, it's pretty big, as it is, too).

Not giving Meghan the national spotlight is the second best thing about a non-McCain presidency.

The third biggest benefit of a non-McCain presidency is perhaps his own wife not sitting in the White House.

Here she is, Cindy McCain, sandwiched between Hollywood wackos at 0:50 in this "No H8," anti-LGBT bullying (the newest cause célèbre of the "take an issue and blow it way out of proportion," left-wing), PSA video:

John McCain is one of the biggest supporters
of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy that excludes openly gay folks from serving in the military. Being the "maverick" Republican that he is, one would think that John would support DADT repeal. On the other hand, his zeal for power is perhaps the only thing that truly motivates him (as evidenced by his chameleon makeover that recently left him sounding to the right of his Republican primary opponent, JD Hayworth).

In the video Cindy McCain says that "our political and religious leaders tell LGBT youth that they have no future." Hmm, wouldn't that "political leader" be her own husband then, John McCain? How bizarre is that? Do I sense some sort of intramarital feud here?

Something just rubs me the wrong way on her and knowing the proclivities of Meghan McCain....well, you know.

Updated: Last Tradition goes to the meat of this story.

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  1. There's a very good reason for the blood donation policy. I wonder if Cindy and her friends know what that is.


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