Ten Buck Fridays: Victory Edition

By RightKlik

Congratulations to all the "Ten Buck Fridays" winners, participants and nominees. Win or lose, we're proud of the sacrifices that went into their efforts to save our Republic from Big Government run amok. Together, we all created a wave, and the effects of that wave will be felt for many years.

A special note of recognition goes out to the the congressional candidates who actively participated in TBF and who went on to win the big prize on November 2:

Things are also looking good for Ann Marie Buerkle, but the counting continues. The final result in David Harmer's race is also pending.

Here's a more complete list of congressional candidates who participated in Ten Buck Fridays:

Participating Blogs:

The Other McCain, Stop the ACLU, Proof Positive, just a conservative girl, JBlog Central, Maggie's Notebook,Polemicon, The Conservative Lady, Right Truth, The Camp of The Saints, AmericanNation, GeeeeeZ!, Randy's Roundtable, Left Coast Rebel, Mind Numbed Robot, Hack Wilson, The, War Planner, Libertarian Advocate,Lady Cincinnatus, RightKlik, Conscientiously Conservative, Old Line Elephant, Spartanburg Tea Party,Anthropocon, MerrieMarie, Conservative Scalawag, 20/10 Blog, Fuzzy Logic, Before it's News, Action for Liberty, Adrienne's Corner, Reaganite Republican, Lonely Conservative, Michigan Blogger, Nice Deb, Pirate's Cove, That's Right, Potluck, Rightosphere, Caught Him With a Corndog, The Resistance, IOwntheWorld.com.Gulag Blog, MoreMonmouthMusings, Right, Wing-Nut!, World Daily News, Lilac Sunday, At The Point Of A Gun, WyBlog, Red Virginia Conservative Railroad, Thirteen Stars, America! Oh How We'll Miss You! Salisbury News, Liberty at Stake, No Sheeples Here, Wizbang, Auldarrow's Blog, Letters from Glome, Allied Liberty News, Obi's Sister, Ruby Slippers, EIB Enthusiasts, Being an American Mom, Conservative Hideout 2.0, The Save Jersey Blog, DaTechguy, Practical State, Si Vis Pacem, Give Us Liberty, Ramparts360, Left Coast Resistance, Woody's Place, Three Beers Later, Minnesota Democrats Exposed, CD5, Obama Fail Blog,LorieByrd.com, Conservatives4Palin, Gulag Bound, American Thinker Blog, Fire All Politicians,ConservativeNC.com, The Real Revo, Liberal Whoppers, America's Watchtower, Rossputin.com, Texas GOP Vote, Dallas County Young Republicans, Granite Grok, RedStateEclectic

Additional TBF participation from:

Mike Perez, conservative Twitter guru, Lorie Byrd (TownHall.com, Pajamas Media, Wizbang), Dr. Melissa Clouthier (Liberty Pundits, Right Wing News), Sister Toldjah, Sean Hackbarth, Online Communications Adviser, Senate Republican Conference, Tony Sutton, State Chair MN GOP, Tony Post, Political Director, Republican Party of Minnesota, Vince Humphries, Ernie Vogel, conservative blogger, Andy Miller, Holly Richardson, conservative blogger, Lyall Swim, conservative writer and talk show host, Matthew Newman (Old Line Elephant), Jonathan Schweppe, Heather Allman, Jay Cook, Charles Marquardt, Team Huck California,Kim Julian, True North, Connie Brimmer, Cary D Conover, IMAO, John Sykes, Frances Drake, Jeremiah Reeves, Barbara Gonzalez, Chris Wysocki (Wyblog), Denise Taylor, Ryan Lyk, Richard McEnroe, conservative blogger, Dan Bear, Rob Gaudet, Jim Brown, Maggie Thornton, Billy McKee, Micheal Drew, Christine Brandrup,Jean Ann Beach, Duane Quam, Sheldon Anderson, West Jersey Tea Party, UMD College Republicans, Susan Westfall, Casie Hudgins, James DuBois, Steve Walsh, political correspondent, Roger Loiselle, Lynne Evans Sprowls, Ryan E Love, Judd P. Berthiaume, Philip Johnson,

Even more...

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