Starving Leviathan: Chris Walsh at the Tenth Amendment Center

by the Left Coast Rebel

Chris Walsh (aka My Thoughts on Freedom) just got published at the Tenth Amendment Center, a group committed to renewing Constitutional, limited government via. adherence to the 10th Amendment.

Here's a little taste of Chris Walsh's piece:

The federal government relies on plunder, mainly in the form of income taxes, to feed it’s overreaching tentacles and this is perfectly Constitutional as set forth in Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 along with the Sixteenth Amendment. These do not however specify how these taxes are to be collected and currently the Internal Revenue Service is charged with this task.

But what if the states had the ability to take control of the purse strings and starve the beast back to it’s enumerated powers? We the people, through our state legislatures would have the ability to affirm what we believe the role and oversight of the federal government should be in our daily lives through a Federal Tax Escrow Account.

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