Scandal: Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection Succumbs to Team Blogging and introduces Co-Blogger Kathleen McCaffery

By Sam Foster

I must have read the post five times before it sunk in with me, but it is confirmed, Legal Insurrection is making a change and Professor Jacobson is picking up a team blogger.  

Switching from solo- to co-blogging is kind of like stepping down from Superman to Batman, but without a cool car, cave, or utility belt (custume on the other hand is a must).  The Professor explains this well:

One of the things I have stayed away from in the past is having guest or co-bloggers. This is not a "group" blog.  It's all about me, just like what's his name.  

There is a certain pride in being one of the few remaining solo bloggers with a large following, which gets reflected not so much in traffic but in the number of blogs which link here.  (Averaging about 150 separate websites which link to LI each month, per
Wikio, not counting blogrolls.)

While many a great blogger, Robert Stacy McCain comes to mind, has accepted the side-kick blogging model for sometime.  The Professor has been a hold out, as has his signature yellow and orange theme (Beware turning over access to your theme).  

Who did Professor Jacobson of Cornell recruit?  Why a member of the study body.

Kathleen, who is a Junior at Cornell, already has carved out quite a name for herself in the political blogosphere.  Kathleen is the co-founder of The Politicizer and also R&M Political Group, which does social media consulting.

Kathleen is a self-described "Libertarian Republican." Here is her current
bio from The Politicizer:

Kathleen, the co-founder of The Politicizer, has been interested in politics since the age of five. Throughout high school and college she has served on a variety of debate and political clubs. Her favorite books include 'Capitalism and Freedom,' 'The Road to Serfdom,' 'Letters to a Young Contrarian,' 'The End of Faith,' 'The Master and Margarita,' and Corpus Aristotelicum. Her favorite publications are The Economist and Vanity Fair.

Kathleen is double-majoring in philosophy and history at Cornell University. Previously, she studied at New York University, where she also played for the varsity women's golf team. She contributes to
The Cornell Review, participates in Logos – the undergraduate philosophy journal, and serves in the Cornell Libertarian Club. In the fall of 2009, she studied in Berlin, Germany at Humboldt University. In April [2010], she was awarded the IHS Charles G. Koch Summer Fellowship, a nationally-recognized program for young libertarian leaders.

My analysis?  

First of all, we'll get more great Legal Insurrection content, which will likely include an uptick in bumper sticker picture posts.  Second, we'll have another great blogger joining the ranks of the blogging elite and providing sharp, witty analysis with a Libertarian Republican point of view.

So in honor of Legal Insurrection picking up another Cornell blogger, I leave you with Cornell's Alma Matter.

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