John Tyner's San Diego/TSA Experience, or, "Probable Cause = Boarding an Aircraft"

by the Left Coast Rebel

An Oceanside, California resident named John Tyner who blogs under the "Johnny Edge" handle, takes on the TSA at the San Diego International Airport (SAN) in a post from yesterday morning. He recorded the entire event (strangely with what seems to be a shoe cam, or something as the camera angle is horizontal to the ground and looking up - it's actually his phone).

What ensues is admittedly a bit of stunt on John Tyner's part but nevertheless damning to the conduct of the TSA, "naked scanners" forced on air flight travelers and the incredible Orwellian nonsense of it all. I'm surprised no one else has done an undercover op like this as well.

(Editor's Note: I was not able to listen to all the video segments that John Tyner put up at his site, however, I just caught an an amazing admission made by a TSA official on the transcript from one of the video segments):

(SignonSD) Once he threatened to have the TSA agent arrested though, events turned surreal.

A supervisor is heard re-explaining the groin check process to Tyner then adding "If you're not comfortable with that we can escort you back out and you don't have to fly today."

Tyner responded "OK, I don't understand how a sexual assault can be made a condition of my flying."

"This is not considered a sexual assault," replied the supervisor, calmly.

"It would be if you were not the government," said Tyner.

"By buying your ticket you gave up a lot of rights," countered the TSA supervisor.

"By buying your ticket, you gave up a lot of rights." That about sums up the attitude of the TSA and many branches of state and federal government, no? I assume that this sort of Constitution-tearing and shredding attitude comes from the top down at the TSA as well or as Proof just said, "probable cause = boarding a plane."

Here's more from John Tyner's site, telling the beginning of the story:

This morning, I tried to fly out of San Diego International Airport but was refused by the TSA. I had been somewhat prepared for this eventuality. I have been reading about the millimeter wave and backscatter x-ray machines and the possible harm to health as well as the vivid pictures they create of people's naked bodies. Not wanting to go through them, I had done my research on the TSA's website prior to traveling to see if SAN had them. From all indications, they did not. When I arrived at the security line, I found that the TSA's website was out of date. SAN does in fact utilize backscatter x-ray machines.
And the segment of video (3:45) where he tells the TSA official that,"if you touch my junk, I'll have you arrested":

After the segment above, John Tyner is detained and threatened with a civil suit and $10,000 fine by a TSA official.

All of this should come as no surprise given how many complaints Americans have recently voiced against the TSA. Beware of "conservatives" that could care less about this issue.

Via Memeorandum.

Updated: Via Lonely Conservative, the TSA pats down abuses a three year old girl.

Updated x2: Eric at Classical Values sums it up:

It's a shame to see a once proud and free people being reduced to abject peonage simply because of a few nutcase terrorists who are willing to blow themselves up. I find it supremely ironic that when the terrorists have had their attempts at carnage aborted in mid-flight, it has usually been done by the very passengers that our lame excuse for a government so distrusts.


  1. KUDDOS!!! If EVERYONE reacted as this patriot we wouldn't have the police state-esque security BS we have going on. It's been getting out of control for a long time and these full body scanners and invasive pat downs are over the top. I refuse to be searched like a common criminal just because I'm flying. Those who give up their liberty for a sense of security deserve neither liberty nor security.

  2. KUDDOS!!!
    I was inspired to do the same as this patriot did and not submit to being treated like a common criminal. I will NOT go through the body scanners and I will NOT submit to an intrusive pat down where my breasts are squeezed and my crotch searched. I have more dignity than that and I ask those of you who DO submit to this police state-esque abuse - How much more are you willing to take? Do you truly think these procedures are necessary? Do you think they'll keep you safe from a terrorist attack? Do you not feel ashamed giving up your basic rights that made our country different from the rest of the world? Where is your self dignity and why do you allow to be treated like this by your own government?

    If everyone refused these ridiculous, over the top procedures they would have to do away with them. I salute this guy for being one of the brave ones to step outside the status quo and stand up for himself!

    They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. -Benjamin Franklin

  3. Maybe "wanting to board an aircraft" will be redefined as "probable cause"?
    Where are the civil libertarians on this?

  4. "Upon buying a ticket,you give up some of your rights..." Constitutional issue?

  5. Something of a stunt, yes, but a point worth making. Our Founding Fathers wouldn't have submitted to fondling or nude photography. We should demand better of our government than we're getting and we don't need to choose between individual rights and safety.

  6. Gosh, TSA is going to be a haven for Pedaphiles because they can pat down 3 year olds. I have to wonder how much radiation is transmitted for these pictures. TSA operators should be worried about cancer risks. Where in the constitution does it say we give up our rights when we purchase a product or service. Terrorists don't have to go through this as Muslims are exempt so it really brings up what is the point of all this.

  7. "Where in the constitution does it say we give up our rights when we purchase a product or service?"
    My sentiments exactly!

  8. The airport technology making everyone naked is going to put the government in the unique position of building and sotring the world's largest collection of kiddie porn.

    According to the agent Tyner met, our loss of rights includes the loss of those protecting children from exploitation. That's nuts.

    Moreover, the opportunity to get paid for viewing images of naked people is going to attract people who like to view images of naked people. Some of those people will undoubtedly be people who want to view view images of naked children. Thus, in the same way the Catholic priesthood attracts and employs pedophiles, so too will the TSA. Crazy.


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