Robber, Terrorist Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, and some other criminals receive 20 years to life yesterday

By Sam Foster

Like I do every morning, I ride the Google machine on over to the news section to see who is getting sentenced 20 years to life. It makes me feel better as I prepare for another 8 hours of work, 5 days a week, for the next 20 years to life.

First, there was Patrick Bauldwin of Omaha, Nebraska who was convicted of 2nd degree murder. He was found guilty of murdering ex-girfriend and actress, Pasinetta Fitzgerald.

Over to the much closer Albany, NY, a three-strike felon was convicted of robbing a woman. The official charges were first-degree robbery and possession of stolen property. He also threatened to kill the woman, but luckily he'll have to wait a few decades.

Jason Rader of Hamilton, PA also found his name on my list having been convicted as an accomplice to a brutal beating of Michael Huff.

Oh and let's not forget
the international terrorist Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani who was convicted of mass murder (wait, he beat that charge) one count of conspiracy and murder. Ghailani, unlike the scum listed above, merely bombed two embassies killing over 200 people and wounding thousands. You might have missed that little detail in the coverage at AP.

And you have the great and fair triumph of our legal system to thank for all this justice, including that single conviction which Ghailani is wasting no time in appealing. I can't wait to see all that justice raining down on us, once we put all the other hardened terrorists into civilian courts. Perhaps, I'll have to decrease the severity of my sentence searches to make sure I don't miss them.

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  1. The Obama administration once again refused to do the right thing. They pulled them from Guantanamo and sent him to the NY federal courts. Most of the evidence was not admissible as it was obtained by military sources during a military investigation. The military and their tribunals have a different set of rules. Moving the suspects into federal courts in the 11th hour ruined it for the prosecution. Its like changing the rules of a football game in the fourth quarter and nullifying any previous scores by the team in the lead.

  2. Thanks to the "Dept of justice travesty"...


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