"Restoring Sanity": Steven Crowder Interviews the Inmates Running the Asylum

By Proof

Steven Crowder at the so called "Restoring Sanity" rally. Thirty three seconds into the video, you see someone dressed as Mario of video game fame, and this is your first tip that "sanity" is not these people's long suit! The guy in skin tight gold lamé at 39 seconds hardly screams "sanity". (Although lamé is an analogy to most things liberal!)

Add to that a good liberal who demands to see Crowder's "papers" after learning that he was born a Canadian is perfect for the irony impaired!

The idea that these guys could "restore sanity" is akin to removing a mote from your brother's eye when you have a log or a beam in your own. Don't bother telling these guys that. This Jesus fellow didn't have a driver's license or a passport, so they probably wouldn't believe him either!

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