Poll: 81% of Americans Support Use of Full Body Scanners

By Proof

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Wonder if 81% of these people would agree?

According to an AP story, which I would link to if it wasn't the AP, CBS conducted a poll in early November, which found that 81 percent of Americans support TSA using full-body scanners at airports. Not surprisingly, TSA touts this poll on their TSA blog.

The population of the US, as of July 2009, was 307,006,550. For the math impaired, 81% would be around 248 million people. Obviously, they used a sample, or they'd still be asking the questions. So that leaves about 58 million of us malcontents or skeptics who believe there must be a better way or haven't made up their minds.

The pertinent data that I believe is missing from the poll would be what percentage of those people who are frequent fliers support them? Infrequent fliers? Non-fliers?

It may be that a large percentage of the people in that 81% seldom, if ever, fly. I'd be curious to know what percentage of people may have supported the use of the scanners, knowing it would not affect them personally?

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  1. & the poll was taken before most of the recent news about TSA abuses.

  2. You came to the same conclusion as I did...
    What would the results be if the pol was taken at airports. and , taken pre and post frisking! That would be an interesting statistic...
    I like the stats that Ron Paul used. We lost 3000 people on 9/11 and we sent 6000 to their deaths to end terrorism.

  3. I wonder about those numbers as well Proof. Does't make sense at all.

  4. 86.2% of statistics are completely made up.

    I don't doubt the magnitude of the proportion, but I'd like to see their studies. But even if 99% of people appreciated the scans, the remaining 1% have rights and legitimate concerns.

    I fly a lot and I have never seen anyone complain about a body scan. Maybe they don't know how much of their body it shows. Maybe they don't care.

    I fall in the I Don't Care category. I'd rather be scanned than touched. I don't know who does the viewing, but I saw a picture of a guy in an isolated room looking at them. If he sees the image but can't see YOU, there is no attribution. It would be like taking a picture of your naked body, removing anything that could identify it as you, and circulating it around the internet. How could it be embarrassing? The guy is also a security professional. The medical staff at the hospital see and touch my junk.

    Moreover, the scans look more like cartoon characters to me. In fact, they even show the images on network television which apparently doesn't violate FCC decency standards.

    I'm open to alternatives. Is there any type of pat down or scan that you'd consider sufficient? Or none at all?

    John, we lost about 3000 people at Pearl Harbor. Was it a mistake to lose 400,000 men fighting Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan? There is no such mathematics when it comes to war. You fight when you need to fight. The deaths are highly correlated to the danger. Every American death is a tragedy, but OEF and OIF still have the lowest death rates for any wars in US history per soldier-day of combat.

    If we had not attacked Afghanistan, we would likely have had follow on attacks. Recall that we had been attacked more than a dozen times during the 1990s, and Bill Clinton's response was tepid. He cut our military personnel every year he was in office (with help from Congress). That led OBL to believe we were weak.

    Ron Paul has a habit of talking without thinking. Don't make the same mistake. He's a glib politician who often shoots from the hip.

  5. I also wonder how many of those responding to the poll really comprehended how invasive these procedures are. I suspect not. When I looked up the poll, it turned out to be one or two question in the middle of a series of questions on different topics. This is a completely worthless poll and the AP and CBS should have been too embarrassed to publish anything from it.

  6. Well Nick, can you show something tangible to those sacrifices? We see the results of WWII... I am not anti-defense. But I am able to think for myself.
    Further more, who attacked us on 9/11? I don't buy the "official" story either. Too many unanswered questions. Put me in Ron Paul's category if you like.

  7. Good points all! The poll (if you can call it that) was taken before most of these excesses and atrocities came to light. Both the sample and the methodology should be called into question as well.

    But, because the TSA and the AP are touting this "statistic", I thought I would bring attention to it, lest anyone be intimidated by the "fact" that "four out of five people approve of this, so sit down and shut up."


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