(PICTURES) Kim Kardashian Goes Twitter-Free, Creating the Perfect Storm for Kim Kardashian Bikin Pictures

by the Left Coast Rebel

Are we supposed to care a whit that the holier-than-thou, pampered bourgeoisie in Hollywood are signing off of Twitter (for what, a day?) to make a statement for World AIDS day on November 30 and raise $1 million for the Keep a Child Alive charity? They make it sound like it's a big deal that they will have to survive without Twitter for a day.

Oh, the humanity!

If only our lives were so tough these days.

Here's a picture of an advertisement showing Kim Kardashian dead and in a coffin, for the event:

Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and Usher will quit social networking sites, including Twitter to raise money for the charity as well.

Back to Kim Kardashian. At least she's beautiful.

But as they say, beauty is fleeting (and/or curvy):

Post inspiration goes to The Other McCain, a man of clear conscience, unjustifiably suffering from Holiday Traffic Suckage.

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