(PHOTOS) Misspelled Ballots Emerge in Alaska Senate Race

by the Left Coast Rebel

Breaking news -- Wesley Messamore is filling in for Eric Dondero at Libertarian Republican and he just tipped me on an article over at RedCounty.

Pictures leaked by the Miller campaign to RedCounty clearly show misspelled Murkowski ballots in the Alaska senate race recount effort, ballots counted for Murkowski, regardless.

Here's a taste, this one says "Lisa Macoski":

And another, "Lisa M" and no oval filled in:

Something stinks in Alask and it's not a dead salmon. RedCounty:

Miller's campaign has focused on misspelled ballots and it was promoted by the press that Miller was contesting poor writing and close calls.

Consider what the Alaska of Division has allowed, a vote count like the above, that favors Murkowski, won't stand in a court of law and now it seems there is the argument that voters in the urban areas have been held to a different standard then voters in the rural/bush areas. Combine this with write-in votes being scratched out and the handwriting being the same on multiple ballots, Miller has an excellent case to win in federal court.

And to top that off, - it seems an Arabic version of, The Alaska Dispatch, Al Jazeera was on scene to witness the count but failed to get the photos that have been posted here on Red County.

Moreover, contrary to the spinmeisters at the Alaska Dispatch the absentee numbers will continue to break Miler's way and given the votes shown in photos that have been counted for Murkowski, the odds are not good that she will have an undisputed win.

Expect a court battle to correct the B.S. that has taken place with the Alaska Division of Elections.

And that folks is Lisa Murkowski's Alaska - an Alaska election that has been corrupted by a self-centered woman's special interests and an enabling Alaska Division of Elections.

Check out the rest of the pictures at RedCounty.

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