Palin Polls a Weak 13% in Marist Poll Among Potential 2012 Candidates for President

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

For all the "Palinistas" out there who are clamoring for a presidential run by former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin (who I remind you quit in midstream when Governor) I direct you to some telling numbers. While it is perhaps early yet Sarah has been dogged by greater negative polling numbers than positive. Given a reasoned analysis I don't see this changing. Particularly in light of her continuing missteps. While Sarah is a likable person with a folksy demeanor America in large share just isn't comfortable with a potential President Palin.

Following are excerpts from recent Marist polling data:

If President Obama were to face off against Republican Sarah Palin and independent New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2012, 45% of registered voters nationally say they would vote for Obama, 31% would support Palin, and 15% would cast their ballot for Bloomberg. Nine percent are undecided.
Looking at the contest for the 2012 Republican nominee for president, there is no clear front-runner. If the Republican presidential primary were held today, 20% of Republicans and Republican leaning independents say they would support former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney while former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee receives 16% of the vote. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin garners 13%...

A recent Gallop Poll clearly points out Palin's negatives among Democrats and Independents. Given this reality it will be near impossible for Palin to win a Presidential bid should she decide to run and and the Republicans give her the nomination. Given this, a Palin run will most assuredly give Obama a second term. Something we can all agree would be a likely disaster.

Excerpts from the poll:
According to Gallup, Palin tied her lowest ever measured, at least by their measure, approval rating at 40%, but she has managed to gain popularity among Republicans, where her approval rating has gone from 76% in July to 80% in November. The problem for Palin is that she is only popular within the Republican Party. She has a favorable rating of 35% with Independents, and a 15% approval rating with Democrats. As Palin’s approval rating has gone up with Republicans, she lost 8 points with Independents, and 3 points with Democrats.
Even with an extremely high popularity rating among Republican it ain't enough to force a change in executive leadership. President Obama will retain the Oval Office should Palin be the Republican candidate thus likely insuring an increasingly rapid decline in our nation's stature and financial well being.

It's time conservatives identified candidates with verifiable conservative bona fides (classical liberal ring a bell anyone?) and support them in every possible manner. Understand your history, analyze our current national situation not only in political terms but more importantly in economic terms, and vote in your and the nation's self interest. Essentially they are one in the same. Unfortunately most of us have failed to recognize this for far to long.

I remind you that Republicans are not necessarily conservatives {GWB proved this to be true}, and that in reality The Road to Serfdom can take many paths. If one takes the time to analyze our current and past national economic trends it becomes clear that both the Republithugs and the Demothefts are in actuality leading us to the same ends. The only real difference is the rate of decline.

This nation can do better than either Obama or Palin. But it will take a will not often seen in recent history. But then again this is just the honest opinion of an innocent bystander.

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  1. and your credibility is also in the tank...

  2. Not a problem for me or any other open minded conservative.

  3. Personally, I agree with you. I think there are better choices than Palin for 2012; we need to seriously evaluate who we want to lead this country and unite behind that person.

  4. "(who I remind you quit in mid stream when Governor)"

    ugh...dude, yer killin' me. more negative palin stories. no, you don't need to remind anyone here, the left does that quite often enough.

    instead of jumping on the palin bashing wagon, why don't you actually wait and see if she even throws her hat into the ring, and then see how she does in debates and campaigning?

  5. american girl in italy - We all saw how she did as VP candidate.

    The point is IF she throws her hat in he ring, and IF she wins the nomination Obama skates in for another four.

    So, our goal SHOULD be to prevent THAT from happing.

    I don't see t as Palin bashing. I see it as speaking the naked truth.

  6. Just Me - Thank you for your supporting thoughts.

    I believe you summed up my points quite well!

  7. I'm a little astonished you deleted my comment. All I did was disagree with you and point out Obama's multiple verbal gaffs. (youtube video link) I would agree that your credibility is getting a bit shaky at this point. Like it or not, Palin is currently the face of the GOP. Frankly, I think it's a huge improvement compared to what we have seen in recent years.

  8. american girl in italy has made MY point! I don't think she is our best choice, just dont think the left or MSM needs your help.
    Who, once again, do you think would best serve us?

  9. RightCoast - I did not delete your comment. I do not censor dissenting views.

    As there is nothing to be gained by it only a foll would do so. Unless the comment was in violation of blog ownership policy.

  10. @ John - certainly the left nor MSM nor MSNBC needs any help. I agree with the premise they chirp left leaning ideology all day long.

    I find it quite telling when it becomes an apparent problem for anybody to question a "political celebrity" within any party.

    Hmmm, interesting indeed. And VERY troubling. As well as a threat to the Republic.

    At this point whom I think would best serve this Nation is irrelevant. Although I did tip my hat ever so slightly.

    Suffice to say it is neither Obama nor is it Palin. IMHO.

  11. RNUSA, My apologies, I got your Palin bashing posts mixed up. You are correct, I am wrong. It was not deleted, just on the other Palin post. I do believe however you may be suffering fro Palin Derangement Syndrom and you may want to seek treatment. The woman has done more for the party than any other in the GOP that I can identify. Why go after her as she not even "in" the primary yet, and why go after her at all for that matter? If she's such a bad candidate then there is a primary for a reason and that will bare out at that time. It seems this petty stuff focused on her should have some purpose, I'm just not sure what it is. You mentioned that Romney might be your pick and this is what I don't understand. Romney was the first architect of Obamacare. How is you think an old line liberal GOPer is a better choice than a true conservative is beyond me. I'm baffled.

  12. @ RightCoast - Don't think old line liberal GOP'ers are a better choice. Not at all. It is why I have been called by some the father of "independent conservatism."

    I defined for myself a long time ago what that means. Of course in a historical perspective. Classical Liberalism, as in the Founding Fathers should give you a clue where I am coming from.

    My point is this... Sarah is a waste of time for 2012. Should she decide to run, and should she win the Republithug nomination in 2012 we guarantee Obama another for another four years.

    Read the consistent polls on Palin. The only sector she has a positive is in the Rea Party and Republican base.


    I rest my case. All you Palinists's have at it. But don't complain if, and most assuredly when, you insure another four years of Obama's reign.

  13. truly amazing to me that people don't see that Palin Derangement Syndrome exists on both sides of the aisle. The other day I saw this woman ask this married father of three if he really liked women because he doesn't support a Palin nomination.

    She is not the next coming like some on the right thinks she is.

    Believe it or not, some conservatives do not believe that she can win in two years. You need to get over it, we don't all think alike. The Daily Caller recently did interviews with Tea Party members, not all of them want her to run. Not because they don't like her message, they don't believe she can win.

    Perception is reality in politics. The perception of her is that she is stupid and illequipped to be president. Reality won't matter if more than 50% of independents believe that. The latest poll has Obama losing to virtually every supposed candidate except for Palin. Her negatives among independents has never been below 50%.

    For anyone to think that she is not running is kidding themselves. She has staff looking into office space in Iowa. Gee, I wonder why. I used to do political fundraising, I read her last FEC report. She is running. The structure is being put into place.

    Now, if she is true to her word she will not enter if Mike Pence throws his hat into the ring. She said she wouldn't enter if another conservative voice was there. Pence was one of the few republican voices that stood up to the over spending of the past congress and Bush.

    Pence didn't leave his leadership post for nothing. He couldn't run and be the GOP Chair at the same time.

    Kudos to you Les for being brave enough to stand by your beliefs even when people are going to call you names.

  14. Nice. Four (at least) anti-Palin posts in as many days. No acknowledgement that her nork comment was a clear ordinary slip of the tongue as she correctly identified NK in the same interview just 8 seconds earlier. No acknowledgement that every public speaker, including your favorites, make misstatements sometimes. Very fair and evenhanded indeed.

    I began reading this blog because of LCR. You are dismissive and tone-deaf to the large portion of the Right sympathetic to Palin. Congrats for convincing me to drop my subscription. Cheers.

  15. Pence is an old white haired white guy, Of course e's smarter.

  16. Right Coast:
    Did I say he was smarter? No, I didn't nor did I say that Palin wasn't smart. I said he has a proven conservative voting record.

    This is exactly what I was talking about PDS being on both sides of the aisle. You put words into my mouth that I didn't say.

    Simply because I don't think Palin can recover from all the damage that has been done doesn't mean that I don't like her message. What I question is can she win over independents in order to win the election. I don't think she can.


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