Paging lawyers to NY-25: Republican Ann Marie Buerkle leads the vote count so naturally Democrat Dan Maffei is fundraising for a legal team

By Sam Foster

On Wednesday, I broke the news that Ann Marie Buerkle had assumed the lead in NY-25 after the final vote count was completed. There are still a large number of absentee ballots to be counted and Ann Marie Buerkle is leading by a slim 700 votes, but that certainly hasn't stopped Dan Maffei from flailing desperately for a legal team.

Dan Maffei has sent out the following conspiracy laden fundraising plea. Via Capital Tonight:

It's been a long few days, but I wanted to give you an update on my race," Maffei wrote.
"While it still has not been called, we are neck and neck, with thousands of absentee ballots to be counted. National Republicans are already starting to send folks up to my district – and as Florida in 2000 showed us, they will do anything to win."
"We need to make sure that every vote is counted. Can you contribute today?"
"We need your help right now. We are in the process of assembling our team to help ensure that every vote is counted, but this is a costly process. We need to raise $25,000 by Monday to make sure that we have the strongest team possible."
"Your generous support has gotten us to this point – but we need your help to ensure Republicans can't steal this election…This process could take days, possibly weeks, but I have every confidence that we will come out victorious."

Apparently, Maffei is part of the "George Bush stole the election" conspiracy crowd, but his charges that Ann Marie is trying to steal the election is capricious and more than a little unhinged. However, it is clear that Dan Maffei is not confident that he will come out victorious and is hoping to accomplish through legal teams what he failed so egregiously on the campaign trail. Please consider donating to Ann Marie Buerkle's post election fund so that she can fight off Dan's legal election team.

P.S. - Dan Maffei is a former Charlie Rangel aide, so he knows how the game's played...if you know what I mean.


  1. He's a snake. On a positive note, Ann Marie's lead increased by a net 25 points today. Every little bit helps!

  2. ..truthfully though, Sam, if the shoe were on the other foot?

    On the bright side of things, Olbermann got bounced from MSNBC because he violated NBC ethics and contributed to political campaigns. (I think they just wanted to bounce his ass, frankly!)

    ..perfect end to a perfect week.

    Now if only we find out that Monica Lebowski up in AK got all of her dingus retard write-in votes thrown out, we'd be stylin'.

  3. You want to talk about stealing elections? The Democrats are great at it. Let's examine the theft of the Washington State Governor's race in 2004. Like with G.W. Bush in 2000, Republican Dino Rossi was up in the first two recounts. Strangely enough, after the recounts, just enough votes were "found" in various places around King County (Seattle)to give Democrat Christine Gregoire the win.


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