One in Five Americans are mentally ill; One in Five Americans are liberal

By Sam Foster

Yes, it is very clever.  Yes, I did steal it from Tim's insanely epic edition of the Morning Beat.  Yes, someone both quicker and snarkier than we has already thought of it.


  1. Interesting correlation... One that I find very likely. But what does that say about California and the North East?
    Entertaining thought at the least...

  2. New medical research indicates that Vitamin D works wonders to prevent depression. For southern Californians, who presumably get enough sunlight throughout the year to avoid Vitamin D deficiency associated depression, must have something else going on. Medical THC induced stupidity perhaps?

  3. I thoroughly understand why you snatched it; hope you understand that I have no choice but to pay it forward.

    That's just funny.

  4. John - it explains CA and NY quite well I think

    Lib Ad - I think too much sunlight bleaches the brain personally.

    Just Me - Yes, I suspect that many will. It's too good to pass up.

  5. Micheal Savage; "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder."

  6. very funny and I totally agree! BTW, I'm not mentally ill.


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