Obama's Post Election Speech: "I am a Liar and a Charlatan"

By Proof

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Okay. Obama didn't really say, "I am a Liar and a Charlatan" in his post election speech. But that's pretty much what you can draw from it. I quote from Barack Obama:

In this century, the most important competition we face is between America and our economic competitors around the world. To win that competition and to continue that economic leadership, we're going to need to be strong and we're going to need to be united. Now none of the challenges we face lend themselves to simple solutions or bumper sticker slogans. Nor are the answers found in any particular philosophy or ideology. As I've said before, no person no party has a monopoly on wisdom.

That's why I'm eager to hear good ideas where ever they come from, whoever proposes them.
That's why I believe it is important to have an honest and civil debate about the choices we face. That's why I want to engage both Democrats and Republicans in serious conversations about where we're going as a nation.

They say that "chutzpah" is the man who kills both his parents and then throws himself on the mercy of the court because he is an "orphan". If Obama had made this speech (and meant it) when the Democrats were in full control of the White House and both halves of Congress, we might have praised his bi-partisanship. But, we've had two years of Republicans being locked out of meeting rooms and shut out of the process, so forgive me if Obama's rhetoric rings a little hollow long about now.
Obama has a two year track record of turning down any wisdom or ideas that came from the Republican side of the aisle. After the shellacking the Democrats were given yesterday, Obama wants to make conciliatory noises. But his actions belie his words. He is a liar and a charlatan. And with any luck, unemployed in 2013.

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