Obama's Federal Pay Freeze Freezes Federal Pay at All-Time High, Karl Marx Would be Proud

by the Left Coast Rebel

I saw the headline, I heard the news. Obama is going to, or is at least considering, "freezing" pay for Federal workers across the board and is planning on teleprompting it to the nation this morning.

The useful idiot-tools in the press where I caught this were parroting to each other how groundbreaking and incredible this is. Our Dear Leader is listening, they say to each other, we don't like it, but he is listening to the election results.

They don't like it - which means I just might - but the Obamanation is pushing it; which means that there is a 99.9% chance that it pushes the socialist agenda.

Therefore --- what's the layman's-catch with this "pay freeze" from Obama?

Well, for starters and most importantly, the move potentially freezes the pay of Federal workers at an all-time, budget-smashing, record high.

Here's a chart from Zero Hedge showing the growth-in-pay in the Federal job space, just since 2005:

Federal Workers_1_1

Five minutes of research thus shows that Obama's "pay freeze" is actually the best thing to happen to the overpaid, six-figure-plus Federal worker. The "freeze" doesn't address Federal hiring and instead of cutting Federal pay at say 25% across the board then scaling back and cutting the pay of those left, the Obamanation gets to hold the teleprompter-banner of "I'm doing something and listening to the American people."

All the while in fact he is just continuing the spread-the-wealth agenda of government theft or the "art of giving with one hand, and taking with 10."

The fact that will be missed by this move as well is that a Federal pay "freeze" also disallows We the People to cut Federal pay and move it back to sane levles, at the same time.

Should we be surprised? No. Remember that Obama referred to his entire three month experience in the private sector as "working behind enemy lines."

--- Dreams From My Father
Ch.7 p. 55-56

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Updated: The inimitable Robert Stacy McCain:

Shorter Obama: ‘In This False Dilemma, America Must Make a Manichean Choice Between My Indisputably Wise Policies and My Tendentious Straw-Man Caricature of Republican Policies’


  1. I'd be interested to know the breakdown of what departments and agencies have the most employees. Without having that information I think it's hard to draw any conclusions from this largely symbolic measure.

    I do think that saying: "Five minutes of research thus shows that Obama's "pay freeze" is actually the best thing to happen to the overpaid, six-figure-plus Federal worker." is a little disingenuous. Following your link one finds that for many years now (under Bush and Obama) federal pay has risen faster than inflation, etc, etc. The best thing to happen would have been to leave it well enough alone and wait for the next round of pay increases.

    Reducing pay never goes over very well (federal worker or not) and would be opening a whole extra can of worms, so the only acceptable middle ground is to freeze the pay. Not that I think it's going to do anything worthwhile (6 billion is a pittance), but I think a reaction such as yours is reaching. Realistically a pay cut across the board (that alone makes your suggestion untenable) of 25% would have astronomical repercussions.

  2. I should note that I am curious to see specifically the breakdown for the top-earners by agency, and I wonder if they are mostly older workers nearing retirement? Or some other similarly styled situation?

    I know that in the field of Air Traffic Control (which I imagine would fall under this pay freeze) there exists a very large group of older, very highly-paid controllers. In five years time they'll have retired, though, so this graph would alter dramatically. If, of course, they fall into this pay freeze.

    Plus it's helpful to remember that that graph shows some 171,000 workers out of some 2 million. Unless my math is weird due to the lateness, that's 8 percent of workers.


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