Obama fails to salute Salvatore Giunta means he's an egomaniac, not ignorant

By Sam Foster

I can't seem to recall a time that I've disagreed with S.E. Cupp before, so I may never have another chance to write about it.

In her opinion article today in NY Daily News, she makes the case for Obama's ignorance as a statesman:

Lloyd's criticism is part of a concerted effort to paint Obama as an America-hating outsider. Some skeptics on the right have derided him for bowing to Mideast leaders, mispronouncing "corpsmen," neglecting to put his hand over his heart when the U.S. flag passes and other such offenses - all of which, for these folks, confirm that he is an outsider and not really an American. (Where is that birth certificate, anyway?)

To be sure, these Obama blunders have been embarrassing. And as a conservative who is immensely proud of our country and the men and women who protect it, I'll admit, it's been more than a little painful to watch. Wincing has become reflexive.

But when it comes to these particular gestures, rather than question Obama's patriotism, let's instead question his intelligence.

It's an easy pitfall to stumble into when you are writing an opinion piece, but I think she's oversimplified these instances in order to fit her point. The truth is, Obama is not that simple a person to sum up in one theme. He needs many.

Of the four examples she gives: not saluting Staff Sgt. Giunta, bowing at foreign leaders, neglecting to place his hand over his heart and mispronouncing "corpsmen," only the last one would I chalk up to ignorance. Here is what I'd label the rest.


Obama's bowing to foreign leaders is not an isolated occurrence. He's bowed to Saudis, Chinese, and the Japanese leaders. I'm certain I've likely missed a few. Regardless, he's had plenty of time to get educated. When he bows, he does so deliberately in complete disregard for the traditions and beliefs of the nation he swore to represent.


Failing to place your hand over your heart is the highest form of detachment and defiance of all the is America. It really can't be construed as anything else. Obama has lived in this country for most of his life and you can't tell me he doesn't know how to act. He shows no reverence for this nation, because he has no respect for this nation.


This leads me to his embrace instead of salute to Staff Sgt. Giunta. I'll admit, that pinning this one on Obama takes a bit more license than the others, but I submit that it this one can get chalked up to Obama's massive ego.

Regardless of ignorance to tradition, the fact that he embraced the medal of honor recipient instead of shaking his hand has significance. It's a sign of acceptance and show of equality. Whether Obama thought he was diminishing his stature or elevating Staff Sgt. Giunta really makes no difference.

He failed to show respect, because he has none to give for our military personnel.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving

  2. "He has no respect for the military" = bingo.

    I cannot imagine being in then military. You, having sworn to uphold the virtues of The Constitution, have to salute this man who (simply by the massive amount of uninformed voters, the American Idol popularity contest he won and voter fraud) "earned" the title of Commander In Chief.

    You have to salute this carpetbagger knowing he despises you and what you do and what you stand for.

    There's a photo I often refer to of him departing Marine One with a soldier guarding him as he departs. The Marine has a picture perfect salute and Obama's salute is a lazy, disgusting display of contempt.

    That contempt can be seen on his face and it makes me sick.


    Those are disgusting. It's obviously deliberate and those Marines deserve medals simply for putting up with it.

    It really shows the type of makeup this man has.

  3. Obama is not the first to bow to others. Our first President did also. and as fuzzy's dad says
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  4. "He failed to show respect, because he has none to give for our military personnel."



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