NY Election Returns: Live Blogging the results for NY-25 Buerkle/Maffei, NY-24 Hanna/Arcuri, NY-23 Doheny/Owens, NY-20 Gibson/Murphy, and NY-19

By Sam Foster

I'm here at Ann Marie Buerkle's election headquarters with Mrs. B. from Lonely Conservative. Hopefully, battery power will magically survive long enough to report a great number of Republican victories.

NY polls close in a few minutes and then we will begin.

And there is the bell and here are the results...

1:34am EST: Two races that are too close to call right now, NY-1 between Time Bishop and Randy Altschuler and NY-25 between Dan Maffei and Ann Marie Buerkle. Although both candidates are down by about 3,000 votes apiece.

1:28 EST: Michael Grimm wins in NY-13 (close race) and Nan Hayworth sends John Hall to the Orleans Reunion Tour in NY-19.

11:45 EST: Looks like a solid 4 seat pick up in NY for Republicans.

11:29 EST: AP calls the NY-20 race for Christ Gibson.

11:21 EST: AP calls the NY-29 race for Tom Reed. NY's first Republican victory of the night!

11:20 EST: Doheny down by 6,000 and it doesn't look like he can win. Be sure to thank the Republicans in NY-23 for running Matt Doheny against Doug Hoffman.

11:09 EST: NY congressional seats. Looks like 4 wins for Republicans so far. Tom Reed in NY-29, Richard Hanna NY-24, Chris Gibson NY-20 and Nan Hayworth NY-19. NY-25 too close to call right now.

11:04 EST: Very close in NY-25, 86% reported and its 51-49 Maffei over Buerkle. According to the campaign they are counting Wayne County

10:42 EST: Looks like Tom Reed has his race in the bag. Leading 10 points with 31% reporting.

10:28 EST: Republicans winning in Dem incumbent districts...Tom Reed NY-29, Ann Marie Buerkle NY-25, Richard Hanna NY-24, Nan Hayworth NY-19, Chris Gibson NY-20, and Michael Grimm NY-13

10:17 EST: NCPR has Chris Gibson with a large lead, Doheny chipping away at Bill Owens. Patty Ritchie is closing in on Darrel Aubertine as well.

10:16 EST: Tom Reed is down by about 1,000 votes in NY-29 with 20% reporting. This is a top tier race and one in which Republicans are counting on to take the house.

10:08 EST: If early results are any indication then NY could be a big upset for Dems. Republicans are leading congressional races in NY19, 20, 24, 27, and 28.

10:01 EST: Darrel Aubertine is holding strong in the North Country. This is a must win district if Republicans want to regain the state senate.

9:58 EST: Chris Gibson has strong lead in NY-20, Matt Doheny is down by a lot, but NY-23 is a big district. Republican Lenny Roberto off to a small lead, he's one to watch as Paladino had a 20 point lead in Erie County.

9:53 EST: Republican Chris Gibson NY-20 and Richard Hanna NY-24 off to good leads, but only single digit returns

9:46 EST: NYS Senate race Aubertine/Ritchie - NCPR has Aubertine with a hefty lead

9:37 EST: NCPR shows Matt Doheny off to an early lead...but way, way early, lots of votes to be counted.

9:33 EST: Onondaga County chairman walked in with some good return numbers for State Senate candidate Russo in Madison County

9:13 EST: Cuomo, Gillibrand, and Schumer the projected winners in NY.

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