NY-25 Update for Nov 12: Ann Marie Buerkle picks up 24 votes and now leads Dan Maffei by 711 as Cayuga County finishes absentee count

By Sam Foster

Today, Cayuga County officially finished their absentee vote count, the first county in NY-25 to do so.  According to the Post-Standard, she picked up an additional 24 votes:

Republican Ann Marie Buerkle picked up 24 votes today in the undecided race against Rep. Dan Maffei, D-DeWitt, after Cayuga County finished counting its absentee ballots.

When the counting finished this afternoon, Maffei had received 35 absentee votes and Buerkle 59 absentee votes, according to Cayuga County Election Commissioner Kate Lacey.

The difference means that Buerkle has now widened her overall lead in the four-county district to 711 votes, according to unofficial election returns.

Cayuga County had the fewest number of absentee votes to count, around 123.  Monroe County started their count today.  The other two remaining counties will begin on the 17th.  Given the lead Ann Marie Buerkle has acquired, incumbent Dan Maffei will be hard pressed to emerge victorious.  Despite an winning Onondaga County by 8 points on election night, by the number Buerkle has put up so far, he will need to go better than a 10 point margin just to pull even.

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  1. She got 62.77% in mail ballots compared to 64.57% in in person voting, so who knows.


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