November 2 2010 Election Night at Golden Hall, San Diego, California

by the Left Coast Rebel

I spent my evening last night in downtown San Diego with fellow San Diego blogger W.C. Varones. We partied it up at the 4th and B tea party event with local patriot Mason Weaver and then spent most of the evening at Golden Hall where the Republican party and local press were set up. It was my first event like this, candidates came and went, typically flanked by enthusiastic supporters. Lefty union-goons showed up, too. The setting was interesting, television stations bordered the rooms, candidates had to come through the building entrance to reach their respective interview booth (Channel 9, Univision, et al.). At this point, supporters and detractors would follow the candidate around the room chanting and waving campaign signs.

Local conservative, tea party patriots showed up, check out Blondes Against Obama:

Nick Popaditch was there and we shook his hand:

And my buddy W.C. Varones and I heckled San Diego's entrenched socialist Democrat (who won reelection last night against Nick Popaditch), CD-51's Bob Filner. I called him a "rat" and a "disgrace to San Diego." Funny thing, he actually even looks like a rat:

The California election, for the most part, was an unmitigated disaster bought and paid for by the SEIU and other union groups:


And some Muslim "troofers" too:


Stay tuned for more updates....


  1. I like it! Keep up the good work!
    Eddie Wiest Popaditch campaign

  2. I was there and saw much of what went on and your reporting is the most accurate thus far. I am wondering though, why did you include the "Blondes against Obama" as a special interest group. They are well known conservatives, Tea Party activists and likely, pro Popaditch. Thank you. Teri

  3. Thank you for correcting re Blondes Against Obama. I heard an antectodal story that there was a very physical confrontation on them by Filner supporters. Antectodal, but from a very reputable press source.

  4. Teri - Thank you for bringing that to my point, the Blondes AO picture was just poorly placed and not meant to insinuate that they are related to SEIU or special interest types, I met them and like me, they are tea party patriots. Thanks for reading!

  5. I think you misspelled Filner's oppenent wrong. It's "popadick."


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