New Low: TSA Pats Down Molests Nun

by the Left Coast Rebel

Bungalow Bill writes:

An image from the nation's airport shows a TSA agent giving a nun a pat down in the holiest of holies. This is America 2010--a Department of Homeland Security created by the Bush administration now over-funded soft tyranny thanks to the Obama administration and the stimulus. Got to be on the lookout for those nuns, you know. Dangerous folk. Yes, this is America in 2010. I thought only places like the Soviet Union did this to their people.
I agree with Bill, clearly we should go just one step further and put all American nuns on the No-Fly list...and three-year-olds, grandmas, invalids...

Here's the image that Bungalow Bill speaks of:


  1. Nuns, three year olds, Medal of Honor recipients...anyone but young men of Middle Eastern extraction...

  2. I'm sure I'm going to be suspect every time I fly--- white, almost 60, sweet-faced grandma-type that I am. We do have to be soooo politically correct, even if it is "stoopid" and dangerous to everyone else. Do not offend the Muslims or anyone who looks like one. Outrageous!

  3. It's hard to tell but is the TSA Aufseherin wearing a head scarf? Could this really be a Muslim woman in the employ of the US government groping a Catholic nun?

  4. Chris - OMG, I didn't even notice that!

  5. This is on purpose. Under sharia, infidels must be dhimmis, spelled out as unequal treatment "until they feel subdued" and further detailed as meaning they must feel humiliated. It must be shown that they are inferior to muslims and without the same rights.

    THAT is the reason for this. It is the beginning of getting us used to not being treated equally with muslims. It actually started with every religion being able to be insulted except islam (I know; it's not a religion.) So this is relly the second step.

    And I am sure that BO is behind this. There is no denying that since he got in, the islamization of America has been full-speed ahead. No protests when he gave NASA over to muslims? Just encouraged more of this behavior on his part, like allowing muslim countries to insult our human rights in the U.N. recently. As a group, we are to get used to bowing down (in more ways than one) to muslims.

    So we have:

    1. No insults to islam
    2. humiliation of all non-muslims
    3. change of our environment (foot baths, etc.)
    so we will get used to seeing muslims everywhere. It can be no accident that we can avoid the scans by dressing like muslims--

    Okay, I'm ranting. But if anything ever deserved a rant, this does.

  6. At this rate, only terrorists are going to be allowed on planes. Then they can just killed each other. Perhaps there's some validity to this being the end all to terrorism.

  7. Is this how far we have gone, or how far we need to go?


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