The Morning Beat at the Left Coast Rebel: Freezing government pay at its highest levels edition

Leave them kids Alone:

We Don't Need No Education When we Have teh Blogs:

BBCW: Breast milk begets junk touching & Soros + Wikileaks.

Bonsai from the Right:
GM recovery hinges on car shoppers forgetting how to use Google.

Beers with Demo:
Because the uber rich and those making $200k are exactly the same.

Instapundit: See, who says communism isn't productive. North Korea can make two things each year.

Yankee Phil: What happens at Tau Epsilon Phi...ends up in court.

Doug Ross: Footage of mass executions in Gaza and the religion of peace.

Teresamerica: Hamas IRS targets pro-Israel groups.

Hot Air Pundit: Buffalo Bill walks back that whole "It's God's fault I dropped a pass" tweet.

What Makes Us Right: A gun that shoots around corners and looks good on the mantle too!

Rule 5 never looked so good!

Yankee Phil: Miss New York crashes Miss USA float, plus how to handle a stripper pole.

Left Coast Rebel: Yes we do have Kim Kardashian photos and a link for you to view them again.

Taking off your clothes for global warming?

Leave Them Kids SLOBs Alone:

W.C. Varones says "no" to social conservatism taking the Tea Party mantle.

Shane Atwell comes to the same conclusion.

And the Liberator liberates.

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