Morning Beat at Left Coast Rebel: Uselessness of class warefare edition


by Sam Foster

Hot off the blogs:

Legal Insurrection: Left's class warefare? Science says it's Useless! Also the SPLC is at it again.

Doug Ross: Stuxnet 1,000+, Iran 0.

The Other McCain: Ortiz concedes to Farenthold in TX-27and updates on two too close to call races.

Lonely Conservative: ...has the scoop on green slime in NY-25.

Instapundit: Obama approval under the floorboards known as 40%

Bonsai from the Right: An unborn baby, that's group of expendable cells to you on the left, does somersaults in video

BBCW: Haley Barbour as DeceptiCon

MAInfo: Communist flag in elementary school

Fuzzy Logic: A look at hero worship from Obama's inner circle

Hot Air Pundit: New video of 3-year-old TSA pat down

Notoriously Conservative: Hunting tips for the armed armless. How to shoot a gun, with your feet.


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