Morning Beat at the Left Coast Rebel: Morning to Lunch Special


by the Left Coast Rebel

I am taking the reins from Sam Foster this morning again to bring you the Morning Beat! Drop a link in comments and we will add it to the list.

Political and Random Noteworthy, Around the Blogs:

Here's one - wearing fur is "guilt-free" as long as the poor little critter that donated his pelt-for-coat has buck teeth, stinks and has ravaged Louisiana.

Whittle Away at this - PJTV, "What we Believe, Part 6: Immigration."

Glenn Reynolds, meet Michelle Carusso-Cabrera - Check it out here. Order Michelle Carusso-Cabrera's excellent new book here.

Don't touch me there - A mom's account of TSA abuse.

Soros, Puppet - Obama's strings easily pulled.

Dumbing Down USA - One deliberate act after another.

Huh? - Ron Paul says 'no' to Tea Party Caucus.

TSA, Big Government Nonsense Summarized - A reader emails Instapundit. Read it and don't forget - DHS and TSA are creations of a Republican president and Congress.

Idiots Believe in America - Inside the mind of a raging libtard.

Better than Cats? Really? - Is it My Boyfriend's Girlfriend or My Girlfriend's Boyfriend? Don't forget, It's Live at Five.

Notable reads - Devious-Lameduck-Dems and Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot.

Cuda Talks Wawa - "I can Win Beat Obama"

Invest Wisely - Laugh along as we connect the dots with the Oracle of Omaha's Love Affair with the Feds.

Idea - Instead of TSA sexual abuse, bomb-sniffing piggies? Oink, oink.

Ron Paul - Enough is enough! Bonus - HR 6416, "The American Traveler Dignity Act"

Free Speech? - Powerful Senator calls for the FCC to shut down Fox News and MSNBC. Of course, NPR is not mentioned.

Will he show his birth certificate and PROVE that it's a toupée? - Trump almost trumps Palin's Wawa moment.

More - TSA horror stories.

Not listening to the "Architect" of Big Gov-GOP - Roving the center-right media.

(VIDEO) LSU Professor Harangues Students - They dared the unspeakable and defied Global Warming Orthodoxy!

Weird Stuff:

Freeze! Put Your Hands up! - Cops Bust Chess Players in Manhattan park.

This says a lot about our culture - 4/10 think "Marriage Obsolete"

Pink illegal in Texas schools? - Huh?

Speeding but not Paralyzed? - Cop fined for speeding in crash that paralyzed boy.

Pit Bull Chihuahua - Match, made in heaven?

Good Idea? - Tiger Woods on Twitter.

Statism, Liberalism - This is what it does to a state.

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