The Morning Beat at Left Coast Rebel: tell me it isn't monday edition


By Sam Foster

In my twitter feed:

There's always room for another ethics trial.

Sexual assault
just ain't what it used to be.

How much did fraud vote in NV?

Whoa! Check out Jim Hoft's new digs.

Via @EdDriscoll Biden and the wonders of government.

Hot on the blogs:

A glorious speech by Mark Levin

A little fun at Democrat Dan Maffei's expense. Make sure you put the milk down.

A new look for Maggie's Notebook.

Join the waive. It's like Obamacare is some big failure or something.

Some people are rich and for others, it's just their name.

In the Press

Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell hidden in a spending bill for lame duck.

Gay rights group and Tea Party teaming up?

Read, then remember that the Democrats don't think that tort law needs to be reformed.

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