Morning Beat at Left Coast Rebel: Red America Edition


By Sam Foster

What's in my twitter feed this morning:

Why Obama is unpopular through the eyes of R&B

Answer: Some people are still feeling that tingle on their leg. Question: Who is Dowd?

A more academic look at "Obama-the-one-trick-pony"

Unions on the move in local government

What's hot in the news:

40 million presidents for unemployment in CA

Hey, how come no one is interested in all this wonderful Green energy? Price Tag Much?

Some blog fodder for your derision. The worst analysis of the so called "mal-distribution of wealth" ever.

Strange news of the day - Charlie Crist to pardon Jim Morrison?

From featured bloggers:

UK Press: America's Royalty Complex

Donald Douglas loves this man, I might miss him, but either way the man who started Tea Parties isn't just a cause, he's a supporter.

Almost 150 years later, Democrats have created a new civil war.

Looking back to sanity.

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