Morning Beat at Left Coast Rebel: Pro-13th Floor edition


By Sam Foster

In my twitter feed:

Apparantly Jake Tapper of ABC is Pro-13th floor. Let's hope he breaks no mirrors today.

Oprah so nice to George Bush that one might have thought that she liked him.

About that enemy statement, President Obama

Train your crosshairs

From featured bloggers:

He asked for it, please give this CNN host a gun please.

The 2010 elections as analyzed by the Communist Party

Some media hacks explained, ok fisked. While some media hacks exposed.

Mark Levin's contribution to America

What's hot in the news:

Scott Brown in the reelection hot seat

Oh Boy! Democrats tout campaign stimulus saved or created 10-15 House seats.

Who's still trying to Party like its 2008 and young Dems are not pleased

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