The Morning Beat at the Left Coast Rebel: Post Thanksgiving, Catching up with teh Blogs Edition


by the Left Coast Rebel

The LCR homestead both online and physically here in San Diego has been free of my presence now for exactly one week. My flight pulled in late last night from Philadelphia and I'm glad to be back home. Perhaps this may be the longest time that I have gone without blogging, I enjoyed the related benefit of relaxation. Being far and away from the news cycle was rejuvenating.

Thank you all for sticking around and thanks to Proof Positive, Right Klik, Sam Foster and RN's Les for holding down the fort over the last week.

Epic Playing Catchup with teh Blogs:

The inimitable, Robert Stacy McCain: Stacy lifts a glass to Holiday Traffic Suckage Season by getting his grubby meat claws on an upskirt picture of Kate Middleton. No, really (it's barely NSFW). Related - Jennifer Aniston in a purple bikini! Also, at American Power.

Must I be a citizen to vote? Howard Towt offers up Part Deux.

Who can we thank? Someone at Hot Air reads LCR and linked to Sam Foster's Canadian socialized medicine/cookie story, resulting in a Thanksgiving Hotair-lanche.

We are all lab rat-victims in the same toxic-Keynes stew: Doug Ross and Krugman's chickens coming home to roost. Also, Willie Nelson busted in Texas for marijuana possession.

Child Emperors, basketball as the world turns burns: No Sheeples couldn't be any more correct on this one. Related - Moonbats of NPR variety think fat lips lend street cred.

Roger Ebert, stuck on stupid statism: They are TSA rules, what's the big deal! Related at Lilac Sunday - Is that a tampon string or a Moooslim fuse????

Commies, 9th Circuit: If this at Maggie's Notebook doesn't make your blood boil, well, then....

Palin, feminist?: Great essay from T. Christopher at Republican Redefined (could you please write more at LCR, T.)? Related at Pundit & Pundette - Palin Overexposure?

This economy still stinks on ice: Lonely Conservative. Also, Obama seizes sites? How Orwellian is that?

All Together now...I'm Ronery, So Ronery:

Maggie's Notebook
illuminates more info on the dangerous situation in the Koreans.

Carol provides a stunning picture
regarding North Korea as well.


Of course - Enviro-fascism falls under it's own weight.

Faster the better - Puritanical progressivism does the same.

Gassy - Oxygen on Saturn moon?

Ruling Class - Reporting for duty to celebrate myself!

San Diego Local Order of teh Bloggers (SLOBs):

Mut rationally asseses risk and puts the 's' back in 't' and 'a'.

Demo has a beer to take the edge off the bailout nation example 4,213.

Liberator sheds light on the tunnel at the border.

WC Varones
offers up depressing econo-news.


  1. @LCR,

    Thanks for the double dose of linky-love. Have a great week.

  2. Is it just me, or does anyone else note that Mr. Daniel writes a great headline? He dares you NOT to click!

  3. I'm honored that you consider my string worthy of mention. Ah geez, that sounds weird.

  4. Welcome back Reb. Glad to hear you had a great vacation.

  5. Thanks Lilac and Chris, I'm glad to be back ;)


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