Morning Beat at the Left Coast Rebel: PST, Left Coast Edition


by the
Left Coast Rebel

Various Sundry of the Body Politic:

The Other McCain calls it the "Worst Headline, Evah" and I would have to agree.

Muslim Women in Shroud Exempted from TSA rules?

He's going to listen to the American people! He will moderate. No he won't - read my lips - Obama. Wants. Dream Act. In Lame Duck Congress. Quack, quack, quack - socialist is as socialist does.

Professor Jacobson goes tribal!

How long will it take for Charlie Rangel to pull out the race card?

Scope or Grope, as long as it is a "hottie"?

Obama Fail - New Jersey weatherized edition.

Good question - Since the TSA molested my family, why doesn’t Obama volunteer to subject his family to the same security procedures?

At Cato - Strip or Grop vs. Risk Management.

Roger Ailes to Daily Beast - "
Obama had to be told by the French and the Germans that his socialism was too far left for them to deal with.” That sums it up.

Yglesias lies to advance his socialist dystopia and is a Bolshevik for Monarchy.

The inevitable result of Palin Derangement Syndrome - Upset with Bristol Palin's showing on Dancing With the Stars, a Wisconsisn man engaged in 15 hour standoff with police (this one deserves it's own post).

Random sundries:

Obamanomics - Debt collectors hunting down targets on Facebook.

He or she,
Your Honor? - First transgender judge elected in America. Where do you think this happened?

Big Surprise - George Soros thinks China has a better government than the United States. Why, then, doesn't he do us all a favor, renounce his citizenship and move there?

Pharaos don't like bloggers.

Harry Potter is dead and buried in Israel. Seriously.

It's Live at Five!

Michael Douglas's publicist shot dead in Beverly Hills.

Disgusting - Heroic dog survives war in Afghanistan but dies at the hand of American socialist bureaucracy.

Greetings, underlings - Napolitano Public Service Announcement.

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